Warehouse Spring Cleaning & Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plans

2018 Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips & Preventative Maintenance Plans in Dallas TXSpring is almost upon us and it’s everyone’s favorite time to get in some serious cleaning. Pleasant weather allows for windows and doors to be open, along with a renewed sense of energy to take care of piled up tasks inside and out.  We all know that a bit of spring cleaning restores optimism as your work site becomes more organized, safe, and ready for any auditing or inspections.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Warehouse

When it comes to tidying up your warehouse, here are a few simple tips to follow and stay organized throughout the year:

Plan – It’s important to plan a time where your operations won’t get disrupted. The goal is to get clean and organized – not interrupt productivity. If your shipping areas or work centers are busy from dawn to dusk, you may consider weekends or nights to get started with some deep cleaning.

Checklist – Before starting, create a checklist for all the small tasks that you want to complete along with a deadline to keep you focused. Also it’s a good time to consider scheduling equipment checkups with professionals in order to protect your investment.

Reorganize – Take your current warehouse storage design into consideration.  Could it use an update? How could you increase work productivity? Increase storage capacity? You may be able to rearrange a few shelving or pallet rack units to increase your space and storage capacity. Need some assistance with moving equipment and design planning?

Maintain – Clean as you go. Assign cleaning zones to your employees. Get them involved with daily work space tidiness in their respective work areas. This will ensure simple cleaning on a daily basis. Well positioned garbage receptacles and available cleaners will provide the support needed to maintain their area.

Safety Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Plans (PMP)

Before you get audited by OHSA, have a professional technician inspect your equipment to ensure the safety of your employees. A professional technician will conduct routine safety inspections then customize a maintenance plan to increase safety, reduce downtime, and sustain maximum operational flow of your industrial equipment – conveyor systems, industrial rack systems, dock doors, dock levelers, etc.Before and after pics of a cleaned out dock leveler pit - Preventative Maintenance Plans in Dallas TX

Safety Inspection – Conveyor systems, pallet rack, dock doors, and dock levelers take a beating. Our professional techs thoroughly inspect your dock equipment and industrial doors to bring small issues to your attention before they become big problems.

Cleaning – Deep cleaning of equipment and components are provided to prevent dirt and debris from clogging working/moving parts and causing wear.

Lubrication – Correct lubricants are applied to ensure smooth operation of equipment.  Downtime is reduced due to wear and corrosion.

Documentation – All service work and issues are documented to ensure a proper history of equipment needs.

Learn more about what our Dock & Door Preventative Maintenance Plans have to offer you.

A Preventative Maintenance Plan for your equipment is a crucial investment.  Early detection of operational malfunctions increases efficiency, safety and reliability of your operations.

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To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061. We’re ready to help you with a PMP for your industrial equipment.

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How Do You Add Space – Without Adding Space? Texas Door Manufacturer Case Study

Pushback Rack - Space Saving Solution for Garage Door Manufacturer in Fort Worth TXOur Client
Texas Door Manufacturer

Success often brings its own challenges. W.W. Cannon’s client, an industrial door manufacturer out of Fort Worth Texas serving thousands of dealers nationwide, had grown from their original 6,000 square foot warehouse to the present 100,000 square foot facility. This growth was driven by strong discipline, hard work, integrity, great products, and the tireless efforts of employees and management.

The Challenge
Add Space – without Adding Space!

This exponential growth prioritized the need to increase product storage space without permanent expansion. Their first call? W.W. Cannon –

“They’re a long-time customer of W.W. Cannon, so they were familiar with the high-level quality of solutions and service we provide. They knew exactly who to go to for exploring solutions to their space problems,” said Greg Brown, Owner/President of W.W. Cannon LLC.

Recent growth drove an increase in parts necessary to supply the company’s production process.  They were running out of storage space and needed a custom solution which would increase their storage capacity without taking up valuable space.  Another challenge? At 88 inches high, they had a unique storage requirement for their palletized equipment. In order to store efficiently, they not only needed the height requirement satisfied but needed space accommodation for a five-deep pallet system – in an industry where three deep is more common.

“We were asked to provide a dense storage module system that would provide a lot more product storage capacity – without our client having to invest in more real estate,“ Brown said.

The Solution
Adding Storage Density & Efficiency in the Same Amount of Space

5-Deep Custom Pushback Rack Solution for Garage Door Manufacturer in Fort Worth TXWhen choosing a high-density storage system, the discussion usually starts out on the lower end of the price range with drive-in rack.

Brown continued, “But with drive-in racks the product has to be the same – floor to ceiling, front to back. That wouldn’t work for this client.”

W.W. Cannon’s recommended solution? Design and install a custom pushback rack system. A pushback rack system contains a pair of inclined rails and a series of nesting carts which ride on these rails. This allows palletized goods and stored materials to be gently pushed back further into the bay providing deep storage at each rack level. Upon retrieval, stored materials are allowed to flow back down the rails to the front of the row.

Standard forklifts only have to load/unload from the front of the rack, not into the rack itself such as a drive-in/through system requires. With a pushback rack the product flows to the forklift, providing more density and flexibility.

“You can have five products deep in the same lane, so you don’t have to have as many SKUs stored per bay compared to a drive-in rack system,” Brown said.

5-Deep Custom Pushback Rack Solution for Garage Door Manufacturer in Fort Worth TX

W.W. Cannon’s proven problem-solving process:

  • Worksite consultation – to discover needs and identify product specifications
  • Propose a best-practice solution – in this case, pushback rack system
  • Solution is engineered and quoted, including a conceptual drawing
  • Client review and approval, then on to full engineered drawings
  • Manufacture the system customized to unique requirements
  • On-time delivery to the worksite
  • Setup by W.W. Cannon professional, experienced installation team

“Then hand them the keys and show them how to use it!” Greg said.

The Result
More Density and Efficiency – and the Price was Right!

The client started using this system immediately after installation, with vastly improved efficiency, more space, and safe handling of tall pallets. A very cost-effective way to gain square footage in an existing facility.

Brown concludes: “I think there are a lot of people who aren’t just looking for just a system – they want someone who can implement a solution for them. That’s what we do. We develop the solution, set it up, and guarantee it will work.”

Contact us today!

To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061. We’re ready to help you with the best-practice solution for your needs.

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2018 Tax Law Allows 100% Equipment Deduction Within Same Year

Section 179 Deduction tax laws allow businesses to write off 100% of equipment expenses within 2018

New tax reform package, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, offers businesses to write off 100% of the cost of modular buildings being installed in 2018.

Most of us enjoy receiving gifts, so be sure to take advantage of the tax deduction gift provided through Section 179.

Example of Section 179 at work during the 2018 tax year.Congress passed legislation for 2018 that allows you to deduct 100% of the full cost of any Starrco modular building installed within the FIRST YEAR.  If you were to spend $20,000 on a Starrco modular office system, you’d be able to write off the entire cost this year.

Conventional Construction vs Tangible Property

Conventional construction is depreciated over a 39 1/2 year period.  But this rule doesn’t apply to Starrco modular buildings and offices.

Under the tax law, Starrco modular systems qualify as tangible personal property because, unlike permanent structures (designated as real property), modular buildings and offices can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled.  This means you can depreciate a Starrco modular building in the same way as other capital equipment such as forklifts, rack and machinery.Two Story Modular Inplant Building. Stairs lead to production office on top floor in Dallas TX.

Bonus Depreciation 100% in 2018

Tangible property is generally depreciated over 7 years. That is a great deal considering conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years. But, it gets even better:

As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently signed into law, Congress has extended the bonus depreciation and increased it to 100% for 2018.

The program is designed to stimulate the economy and encourage investment in capital goods. When you reduce the amount of time it takes to claim tax depreciation on equipment expenditures, you end up having more money to invest into your business’ future success.

Fast Installation Video
Watch how fast and efficient the entire modular office installation process really is.

In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we offer cleanroom wall systems, floor-to-ceiling interior wall partitions, and safety guard rail systems for collision protection.

Contact us today!Give us a call at 800-442-3061 to speak to one of our specialists now.  We’d be happy to show you how the Section 179 Deduction can apply to your modular building project.

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Put your net out for the catch! Warehouse Safety Netting

Safety Netting for Warehouse Rack & Dock Doors by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXPut your net out for the catch!  Simple concept.  You do it while fishing to prevent the escape of your prized catch; ensuring it doesn’t fall off the hook.  Similar concept with high density product storage.  Products stored 20+ feet high are prone to shifting, falling, and potential push-through off the back.  This can lead to fire code citations, costly product damage, or even worse – critical injury or death to one of your employees.

There’s not an ounce of prevention you would spare to keep your employees safe from falling products and equipment. And warehouse safety netting is a safe and cost-effective way to provide that catch!

Free Samples

This Rack Safety System is safe, trusted, and approved by W.W. Cannon. Contact us for a FREE rack safety net sample.  It’s so easy to install – but if you need assistance, we’d be happy to come out and provide professional installation and consultation on safe and efficient use.  * Ask us if you’re located within our service area.

Storage Rack Solutions

This safety netting and strapping is one of the toughest and most cost-effective safety solutions available. In fact you’ll save yourself at least 50% or more over solutions such as wire mesh paneling.Fixed Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TX

1. Fixed Safety Netting – Restrains loose, palletized, or shrink wrapped items. Specifically designed to mount to rack back to prevent push through and keep your flue space clear to comply with fire code standards. Mounts and removes quickly to existing rack – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

Sliding Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TX2. Sliding Safety Netting – Designed for pick-and-pack operations.  Offers flexibility to front of picking bays. Keeps goods secure and slides to the side for easy access. Installs into existing racking in seconds – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

3. Rack Safety Strapping – Keeps large, palletized, or shrink wrapped items from pushing through into the flue space or falling into a work area. Mounts quickly to existing back of rack – no retrofit needed. Removes for access in seconds. Safety yellow.

4. Rack Back & End Catch Net – Designed for walkway and work area protection. Installs in minutes with a unique, no tools needed hardware.

Dock Door Solutions

Removable Safety Netting for Bollards in Dallas TXUnguarded dock doors are a common area for employee injuries and equipment damage.

5. Safety Net for Bollards –   Safety net secured to bollards provide a secure barrier at dock doors. Designed with a 9 ft. opening – custom sizes are available. Anchors to existing bollards in minutes – no retrofit required.  Safety yellow to ensure high visiblity.

Efficient, Cost-Effective & Tough Specs You Can Trust

  • Effective pallet push-through prevention
  • Affordable flue space compliance
  • Easy set up, tear down, relocation of netting
  • No retrofitting
  • No tools needed
  • Save 50% or more over other solutions
  • (Rack Safety Strap) Assembly: 2,400 lb burst strength.
  • (Safety Netting) Cargo Webbing: 2” polyester 10,000 lb break strength
  • (Safety Netting) Seatbelt Webbing: 2″ polyester 6,000 lb break strength
  • (Catch Net) Steel carabiner: 2,000 lb. tensile per
  • (Catch Net) Hardware connector: 1,600 lb. tensile per

Contact us today!

Give us a call at 800-442-3061 to speak to a safety expert now. We’ll assist you with any safety concerns and find the right solution you need.  Safety is what we do – each and every day.

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2018 Catalog Sneak Preview – Coming Soon!

Your 2018 catalog is in the mail and arriving soon! Not on our mailing list? No problem!

Request your copy now!FRONT COVER


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OSHA Cites 2017 Workplace Fall Hazards As Leading Cause of Deaths & Injuries

2018 Fall Hazard Prevention in the Workplace by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXAccording to OSHA, fall hazards were the 2017 leading cause of worker deaths and lost-workday injuries.

4th Qtr in 2017, OSHA announced its Top 10 Safety Violations.  The list identifies top workplace safety issue violations cited from Oct 1, 2016 to Sep 30, 2017.  For the 6th year in a row, Fall Protection violations have been at the top of the list.  Falls are #1 on the list again in 2017 with more than 6000 citations issued for slips, trips and fall hazards.  According to OSHA, falls were the 2017 leading cause of worker deaths and lost-workday injuries!  Sounds like a growing problem.

New to the 2017 top 10 safety violations list were citations for Fall Protection Training.  This includes failure to train workers on the following:

  • Fall and equipment hazards
  • Fall protection equipment use
  • Fall protection equipment maintenance

Most of the citations are a direct result of OSHA’s recently issued Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standards put into effect in 2017.  This required companies to perform work environment safety inspections, provide updated fall protection equipment as well as thorough fall protection training.

This updated standard seeks to protect modern workers in evolving work environments.  OSHA’s final rule:

  • Eliminates the hazard of workers climbing extended heights on fixed ladders without fall protection by phasing out the use of qualified climbers in outdoor advertising
  • Phases in a requirement that fixed ladders (over 24 feet) be equipped with ladder safety or personal fall protection systems to prevent workers from falling or arresting their fall before contact with a lower level
  • Provides performance criteria for personal fall protection equipment in general industry, similar to the criteria that have been in OSHA’s construction industry rules since 1994
  • Requires the use of body harnesses, and prohibits body belts, in personal fall arrest systems to distribute fall arrest forces over a larger area of a worker’s body
  • Requires workers who use personal fall protection and other equipment the standard covers be trained, and retrained as necessary, in fall and equipment hazards before they work at elevated heights or use that equipment, including fall protection systems
  • Read more on OSHA’s Fall Protection Final Rule FAQs

So What Do You Need To Do?

Out with the old and in with the new – let’s go into 2018 with purpose and prevention.

  1. If your fall equipment is outdated or you’re wondering if it’s something you need in order to protect your employees, set up a complimentary workplace safety inspection today. We specialize in fall protection systems and workplace safety – we’ll help you find a cost-effective plan to keep your workers safe while complying with OSHA and best-practice safety standards.
  2.  Fall protection systems are not a DIY project.  In order to ensure compliance with safety regulations, qualified and trained installation technicians are needed. Our technicians and installation crews service and install fall protection systems all day long – it’s what we do.  You can rest assured that the equipment will be installed correctly, safely – the first time.
  3. Once your Fall Arrest System has been inspected and/or updated to ensure compliancy, proper equipment training must be provided for all designated employees and documented.  No need to worry. Our specialists will provide all the training and documentation you need for any Fall Protection Harness Systems we provide.  If you require retraining, we take care of that too. Preview one of our training videos by fall protection specialist and Warehouse Lifeguard, Doug HutchinsFall Protection Training Video.

Given the rise of Fall Protection safety violations, it’s become a high priority for OSHA in 2018.  We all know this will most likely lead to new standards in 2018 which compel companies to comply with safer work equipment and practices.  Please contact us with any questions you may have on workplace safety and compliance with standards.  That’s what we’re here for, to help you get what you need.

Read our case study about how we helped our friends at an RV Service Center protect their employees with best-practice fall protection system.

Contact us today!

We can assist you in achieving your safety goals by finding the best-practice solution for you.  Call us at 1-800-442-3061 to set up an appointment.

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On The Road To A Better You: 2018 Company Weight Loss Challenge

2018 W.W. Cannon Weight Loss Challenge Banner

Hit the road running with a new year and new start!  With obesity rates at an all-time high, one of the best ways to improve our health is through weight loss.  This sparked a desire to improve the health of our entire team with our company-wide 2018 Weight Loss Challenge!

W.W. Cannon is making it fun by getting our team motivated with one thing that fuels us all – $$$$$!  Positive encouragement, a great support system, and a few incentives can ensure your success!  Here’s how we’re doing it.

2018 Weight Loss Challenge Rules and Prizes

1.      Weight Loss Challenge will last for 12 weeks beginning January 3, 2018 and will end March 28, 2018.

2.     Weekly Weigh-In – scale will be used at the office so we are all weighing in on the same scale.

3.     One $50 encouragement prize will be awarded for highest percentage of weight lost on the 4th and 8th week of the contest.

4.     Grand Prize is $500.  Grand Prize winner will be determined by who lost the highest percentage of weight over the 12 week period.

*  Actual weight will not be publicized, only the percentage of weight you lose each week and total percentage of weight lost over the entire 12 weeks.

Feel free use our ideas to start your own company Weight Loss Challenge to improve the health of your team. Let’s embarked on this challenge together and start this year with healthy routines that will keep us lean for years to come.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from W.W. Cannon

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

We hope your Christmas and 2018 New Year celebration is amazing! May the true Christmas Spirit be with you and your family today and throughout the New Year.

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Custom Designed Auto Parts Storage System for Hall Buick GMC of Tyler TX

Customized storage systems for auto parts center and collision autobody service repair centers in Dallas TXOur Client
Hall Buick GMC

Hall Buick GMC of Tyler, Texas is the largest Buick GMC dealer in East Texas. Focused on their reputation for unmatched service and for offering the most diverse selection of new and used inventory in their region, Hall Buick GMC makes it their business to provide their customers with the most outstanding car buying experience.

The Challenge
Design and Installation During Construction

Mezzanine work platform installed over existing automotive parts storage shelving units - Dallas TXBuilding on their years of success, Hall Buick GMC recently struck ground on a new and improved auto body and parts facility. As their business and reputation grew over time, they had come to realize that their existing building couldn’t handle the growth in business they were experiencing.

New construction meant they could design the perfect collision service center to accommodate their growing clientele while better organizing and laying out their auto parts storage and service.

As construction moved forward, Hall Buick GMC had not yet found a warehousing expert to partner with for the design and installation of their new parts storage. Fortunately, Rode Chambers, Automotive Specialist for W. W. Cannon, was in the neighborhood and stopped by.Mezzanine work platform installed over existing automotive parts storage shelving units - Dallas TX

“Everyone knows Hall Buick and GMC. I just happened to be going by and saw they were doing some construction,” said Chambers. “I thought I’d check in and see if they needed a hand.”

With the construction still ongoing, Hall Buick GMC took Chambers up on his offer and he sat down with the blueprints for the new parts department to assess the situation and offer a solution.

“I knew we could provide them with exactly what they wanted even though construction was still ongoing,” said Chambers.

The Solution
Listening to Their Needs and Designing to Maximize Workflow

Finished grate decking. Mezzanine work platform installed above auto parts storage shelving units - Dallas TXCustomized storage for auto parts and service centers is old hat for W.W. Cannon. Since 1938, they have been the name to trust for automotive storage solutions, material handling systems, and industrial storage equipment in Dallas TX and the surrounding region. Chambers in particular has a strong history with the automotive industry and knew exactly how to tackle this challenge.

With a clear understanding of what Hall Buick GMC needed, Chambers designed a system that stored parts in a location that allowed for a much smoother flow from storage to technician. The brand-new building meant they could keep large parts in an area of their own, easily accessible by employees and easy to move by a small fleet of carts.

To take advantage of vertical storage space, a mezzanine work platform was installed above auto parts shelving units.  Modular parts shelving, bin units, and customized auto storage equipment installed on the main floor were designed around the exact parts needed for all Hall Buick GMC customer’s automobile care.

The Result
Ready for Today and for the Future

Hall Buick GMC’s collision, auto body service and parts center is now a highly organized and custom designed storage system, making it a much more efficient player in the business.

“We developed a really good relationship and we’re looking forward to helping them in their next phase of growth,” said Chambers. “Customers of Hall Buick GMC in Tyler, Texas can expect to see their already great service get even better.”

Contact us today!

To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061. We’re ready to help you with the best-practice solution for your needs.

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Mexico Ministries: Need was Greater than Sacrifice – December 2017 Newsletter

Mexico Ministries - December 2017

Mexico Ministries December 2017 page 2

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