Buying Quality Used Pallet Rack – How do you find the good stuff?

Used Pallet Rack - how to find the good stuff in Dallas TXIn today’s market, we’re working smarter and leaner – looking for cost savings for our warehouses and distribution centers without making a huge sacrifice on quality.

With used rack systems (including standard and cantilever rack), there’s a potential savings of 40% to 50% compared to new.  Many reputable distributors are also offering “like new” quality and refurbished rack systems that are safe and reliable – but how do you find the good stuff from someone you can trust?

Remember, if you’re shopping used for a bargain deal – you get what you pay for.  So to be wise, you do some homework on the front end of your purchase.  We’ve put together a very helpful list for you of some common sense tips to consider when you’re in the market for used pallet rack.

8 tips on buying used rack – how to find quality rack and a provider you can trust

  1. First, be prepared to provide the rack distributor with measurements of product or pallets you’ll store and an estimated quantity and weight on each level. Based upon your needs, a rack system expert will be able to guide you to the appropriate used or refurbished system.
  2. Once you locate a company near you, find out how long they’ve been in the business. Usually a company’s “About Us” page will provide some history. If finding someone you can trust is important, call or email them to ask questions or for references.  A quality provider will be more than happy to accomodate you.
  3. If possible, take a look at the equipment yourself.  With used, you’ll want to judge by integrity and don’t worry about the scratches and dust – it’s used.
  4. Find out how the equipment is selected and rated. Ratings define safety and quality. Ask about how it measures up to today’s industry standards.
  5. You’ll need to know the manufacturer and style of rack. This will help when you need to order more bays or replacement components.  Teardrop style is the most common rack manufactured and the easiest to add-on to or replace.
  6. Ask what the suggested ‘used’ weight capacities are.  Because they’re used, the weight capacities may not be the same as original manufacturer specs.
  7. If you’re in an earthquake risk area, make sure the used/refurbished rack has appropriate seismic ratings.
  8. Find out who your after-sale contact person is. If you need any assistance or have questions, it’s helpful to know who will be there for you.

Used and refurbished rack options

W.W. Cannon takes careful steps to provide only the highest quality refurbished/used rack systems that we suggest is safe for your everyday use.

Used Rack Inspection – Each and every rack system component is thoroughly inspected by our in-house, expert technicians before they’re verified structurally sound and approved as safe for use.

An extremely high level of inventory control is used to carefully select and separate quality of rack.  Our techs look for structural damage, rust, and other issues that would prove a safety risk.  Anything that’s not up to our general use safety standards gets scrapped.

Refurbished Rack – If you want to avoid a “used” appearance and clean looking bays are important to you, then refurbished rack would be your option.

Used rack is sold “as is” which may mean a tiny bit of dust or rust and scratches.  Refurbished rack has been restored to “like new” condition in not only its fresh painted appearance but also a boost to its strength and integrity.

Unlike other companies who contract out the work, W.W. Cannon has an in-house team of expert technicians plus fabrication and painting booths to handle all refurbishing on-site.

Benefits to buying used pallet rack from W.W. Cannon

With a bit of used rack education along with a trusted partner, buying used or refurbished pallet racks can be an ideal economic choice for your operation.

Contact us today!

Contact us today to inquire about our inventory of used and refurbished rack systems.  To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061.  We’re happy to assist you!

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Rack System Damage – Risk Level Evaluation & Identification

Storage rack systems risk level identification assessment by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

Does the stability of your rack system concern you?

  • I wonder if that forklift hit compromised the overall stability of the bay?
  • Did that beam bend from overloading the max capacity?
  • Is that bent frame brace a safety issue?
  • That bolt on the frame base is loose, but does just one bolt matter?

Short answer to the questions above?  YES!  All components of a racking system are carefully designed and engineered to stabilize and support the entire system.  Any damage to the system components could jeopardize the rack system’s stability, strength, and drastically reduce storage capacity.

If you’ve asked yourself any of the above questions – or similar questions around the safety of your pallet rack system – you’re most likely in need of some kind of repair or possible replacement.

You’ll be relieved to know about a valuable service that will make your work life less stressful – and safer.  A rack system safety risk assessment inspection (no-obligation) by a qualified team of rack specialists – that’s us – will map out minor to critical risk areas as well as provide a foundation for safety planning.

You’ll be empowered to take charge of your operations with a detailed, documented risk report.  With report in hand you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate suggestions for replacement, repair, or at-risk equipment to keep an eye on
  • At a glance view the overall condition of rack/shelving based upon current codes and guidelines
  • Easily discern which issues pose the highest risk to safety and are required to be replaced immediately

Rack System Assessment – Common Risk Issues

As we walk through your indoor/outdoor facility and evaluate the health of your rack system, some common dammage issues that we thoroughly investigate and document are:

  • Upright Frames – out-of-plumb frames, impact damage to horizontals/diagonals, corrosion or rust, sufficient clearance height
  • Beams – dents or bent beams, missing safety clips/pins, corrosion or rust
  • Overload/Stress – overhang, unevenly distributed loads, weight of stored product vs. capacity
  • Baseplate – anchors loose or missing, damaged twisted metal, corrosion or rust
  • Decking – exposed edges, mismatched or missing decks

Straight-Forward Risk Level IDStorage Rack Damage - Risk Factor Level 1 - Dallas TX

Once a risk area is identified, we assign each issue with a straight forward 3-level approach.  Level 1 risk assessment is critical and demands immediate attention.  A Level 2 risk means substantial damage and equipment should be scheduled for a repair or replacement.  Damaged equipment you should keep an eye on but poses no current risk is assigned a Level 3 status.

Real life example of a rack safety evaluation:

Level 1 Risk – Critical damage beyond allowable limits, imposes extremely high risk

Example – Upright frames are out-of-plumb/leaning – The ANSI/RMI Specs determine the maximum out-of-plumb ratio for a loaded rack column and our techs evaluate that limit with the RMI standard formula.  Frames whose out-of-plumb ratio exceeds this limit must be repaired or replaced.  An out-of-plumb condition reduces the capacity of a the upright to a significant proportion.  A rack frame that isn’t straight is likely to become further out-of-plumb when it’s loaded.Storage Rack Damage - Risk Factor Level 2 - Dallas TX

Recommendation – Take immediate action – upright frame must be repaired or replaced.  This is an extremely high hazard risk that will result in an accident or injury if not resolved.

Level 2 Risk – Damage noted, risk of compromising integrity of the system. Not an immediate risk but with future damage would pose a high risk.

Example – Impact damage to outer frame without affecting inner reinforcement.  Post protector in place.

Recommendation – Not severe enough to warrant immediate action but should be repaired/replaced as soon as possible.

Level 3 Risk – Minor damage within allowable limits.  Doesn’t currently hinder the integrity of the upright/reinforced structure behind it.  Not an immediate risk but with future damage could pose a high risk.Storage Rack Damage - Risk Factor Level 3 - Dallas TX

Example – Minor impact damage.  Post protector in place.

Recommendation – Continue observation of Level 3 equipment.   Schedule routine inspections to monitor all damaged equipment.

This is not a DIY project – Don’t attempt to fix on your own.

ANSI/RMI MH16.1 – ADDITIONS, ALTERATIONS & RECONFIGURATIONS: States that all additions, alterations and reconfigurations should meet the same requirements as the original installation. Therefore, do not attempt a DIY repair.  A qualified technician experienced with rack systems will provide repairs that comply with current standards to ensure your system is structurally sound and safe.

Always remember the Golden Rule to avoiding hazards – Prevention!

  • Partner with a certified, experienced provider you can trust for routine rack system inspections plus maintenance and follow their recommendations
  • Pallet rack safety and collision protection products in place will help to mitigate damage
  • Observe OSHA/RMI standards and codes

Contact us today!

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation risk assessment for your current rack systems.  To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061.  We’re waiting to assist you!

*Service area revolves around the 75220 zip code and surrounding areas.  Contact us to find out if we service to your location.

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5 Basic Pallet Rack Safety Products You Should Have

The 5 Basics Needed for Pallet Rack Safety by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

Pallet Rack Safety – Trusting That Inner Voice

Have you ever wondered about the safety of your pallet rack system? Such as “I hope those boxes don’t get pushed off the back…” or “That upright seems to be stable now but what if it took another forklift hit?” We’ve all, at some point in time, had that inner voice of reason asking questions and/or pointing out the obvious – but what do you do about it?

If you’ve heard that inner voice, trust it – don’t ignore it.  There are simple basic hazard prevention products that are cost-effective and efficient. We all want the best safety measures in place to protect the workers under our care and our products.  So, we’ve put together our top 5 picks of the most basic pallet rack safety products that will work for almost any warehouse environment.

5 Basic Rack Safety Products You Should Have

Top 5 Basic Products for Pallet Rack Safety by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TXCost-Effective and Quick-to-Install Products – providing basic safety, avoiding downtime, and saving you money.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting –

No more worrying about the hazard of items falling into the work area or on your employees.  Rack back safety netting creates a strong barrier to protect the flue space from products pushing through or falling.  Sliding safety nets are convenient for the front of the rack bay for quick, easy access.  This durable netting system is easier to install, move, and more cost effective than a wire mesh solution.

Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Backing –

Wire mesh pallet rack back panels bolt directly to the back of your existing rack uprights forming a sturdy wall of protection between stored product and busy work aisles.  Rigid, resilient, quick to install and competitively priced.

EOA & Post Protectors –

Upright posts are the backbone of the racking system, also the most susceptible to forklift damage – most exposed and most vulnerable.  Easy to install rack upright post protectors completely shields individual posts.  Structural steel design wraps around the full circumference of the post – completely shielding it from impact.  EOA (End Of Aisle) protectors guard the entire end of bays or double bays.

Floor Angle Guide –

Provides an uninterrupted, low to the ground protection along the full length of your bays.  Use floor angle guides to prevent narrow-aisle fork trucks, lifts and order pickers from coming into contact with the rack. Your racking remains intact and your assets undamaged.

Heavy Duty Guardrail –

Control, define and protect important areas within your fast-paced warehouse with heavy-duty guardrail.  Provides a solid, impact resistant barrier between your storage rack areas, expensive or dangerous equipment, and pedestrian walkways.  This guardrail, when properly installed, is engineered to withstand a 10,000 lb impact at 4 mph.  A trouble-free solution to your peace of mind!

Benefit To Buying from W.W. Cannon

  • Need it fast? Standard products are In-Stock & Ready-to-Ship (FOB Dallas TX)
  • Engineered and proven – Designed by engineers for ultimate safety and crash protection
  • High visibility – Steel products have a safety yellow powder coated paint finish for maximum visibility
  • Customization available – Large variety of options to choose from to customize for your application
  • Almost 80 years of service – We’ve been in business for 79 years providing custom material handling solutions and excellent customer service.  You can count on us.

Contact us today!

Contact us for a rack system safety assessment, system consultation, or availability and pricing on products. To speak with us directly, call us at 800-442-3061.  We’re waiting to assist you!

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3 Steps To Finding & Fixing Warehouse Hazards

Finding and fixing hazards in the warehouse. Warehouse safety prevention plans from W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX.

Finding & Fixing Warehouse Hazards

Day-to-day warehouse operations present an array of potential hazards for your warehouse workers.  According to OSHA, the top hazards that cause work-related injuries and fatalities are:

  • Unsafe use of forklifts
  • Improper stacking of products
  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  • Failure to follow proper lockout/tagout procedures
  • Repetitive motion injuries

So, it actually saves you time and money in the long run to invest in a regularly scheduled Safety Analysis along with a routine Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Three Steps To Safety – Identify, Plan & Control

Our role as material handling equipment specialists is to provide you with an awareness of any equipment hazards and educate you on how to maintain safety in your work environment.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Identify, Plan & Control!

1. Identify

Identify a need for equipment safety and routine maintenance. Is there daily wear and tear on your equipment?  Have you ever had to rig something to make it work?  Have you ever questioned the safety of some equipment?  Minor accident or two that could’ve been prevented with a few steps?

Start now – you can prevent accidents and breakdowns before they happen.  Find a qualified warehouse maintenance partner with a certified team – like us!  We’ll create for your specific work environment, customized, documented procedures for safety inspections, routine maintenance, along with emergency plans and needed education for your workers.

2. Plan

A comprehensive safety analysis provides the foundation for a plan. Identifying potential hazards with your equipment and operations keeps you ahead of the game by preventing accidents and downtime due to equipment breakdown.

Ensuring a safe working environment is a proactive, ongoing process which requires a team who understands industrial equipment and its unique usage patterns, challenges, and common hazards.  For instance, loading docks require an experienced eye looking for malfunctioning equipment, loose industrial door tracks, or lack of collision awareness products in high traffic areas.  Conveyor systems require a different set of solutions to avoid pinch points and awkward repetitive worker motions.  With material and pallet storage, one should be looking for properly balanced loads and well-anchored equipment. Working at heights over 4’ requires a knowledge of proper fall protection.

Our experienced team of material handling specialists can provide you with a safety and preventative maintenance plan that makes sense.  They’ll conduct a thorough walk-through of your dock and storage facility while studying your work operations.  They’ll collect, review, and record the working condition of all related equipment and go over findings with you upon completion.  You’ll be provided with a detailed written report explaining what they found along with suggested preventative solutions.

3. Control

Prevention is worth a pound of cure! Once you’re equipped with the documented condition of your equipment, you’ll have more control over how to handle safety within your work areas. You’ll also be better equipped to prioritize preventative maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of your equipment.

Ultimately, our common goal is to ensure that every worker goes home to their family safe and sound – after every shift.  We recommend you start today with our no-obligation walk-through of your facility to review existing equipment with you.

Contact us today!For most customers on our Preventative Maintenance Plans, our site visit range is within a 50-mile radius of zip code 75220.  Contact us today to find out if you’re within our service area. 800-442-3061

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Happy & Safe 4th of July from W.W. Cannon

Happy 4th of July Celebration 2017 from W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

The 4th of July is a great day for our country.
In every human breast, God has implanted a principle which we call love of freedom. However, the freedom that we enjoy today would not have been possible without the dedication and sacrifice of many. The United States of America truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave so with great respect, let’s give honor this July 4th to the men and women who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives for our freedom!!
Have a happy and safe 4th of July!
In honor of our Independence Day celebration, W.W. Cannon will be closed on July 4th.
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Preventative Maintenance Q&A – Keeping Dock & Doors in Peak Performance

Preventative Maintenance Plans for Dock Equipment & Industrial Doors in Dallas TX

Ever Wished You Would’ve Done Something… Before It Broke?

Everyone knows what a pain it is having to repair or replace equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained – plus the unwanted expense and downtime. And we all wish we would have taken those proper steps to maintain – after our equipment breaks down. Moving gears, rollers, engines, bolts, cables, tracks – all incur wear and tear over time.  Just like your own vehicle, atv, or garage door, they all need proper maintenance to ensure safety and extend the life of the machinery.

For most companies, your dock equipment works the hardest – and gets hit the hardest. Dock seals and overhead doors are susceptible to impact from forklift trucks and pallet jacks plus wear and tear of everyday grind on springs or tracks. Dock levelers get a fair share of abuse as well as debris accumulating in the pit over busy seasons. High speed doors and curtain dividers eventually start to have hardware issues from daily use. Bolts become loose, guides get bent, and the fabric can tear from developing cracks. These all pose safety hazards which if not addressed, fixed or replaced will cause issues for you.

A good way to prevent workplace accidentsand get rid of that sinking feeling that you should be doing something – is by being proactive with a routine, scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plan customized by certified technicians for your operations.

Preventative Maintenance Plans – Keeping In Peak Performance

A regularly planned checkup of the overall health of your dock equipment and industrial doors should keep you from malfunctions for continued safe operations.  Our certified, trained technicians focus on keeping your dock and doors in peak condition at all times vs. only responding to a needed repair. Industrial Door Preventative Maintenance Flyer – PDF
Dock Leveler Preventative Maintenance Flyer – PDF

Preventative Maintenance Q&A

What kinds of equipment are typically covered?WESTERN PACIFIC.AFTER

  • Industrial doors (high speed roll up, freezer, clean room doors, etc.)
  • Overhead dock doors
  • Loading dock equipment (dock levelers, dock seals, dock restraints, gates, etc.)
  • Industrial curtain walls and dividers
  • Additional warehouse and manufacturing facility equipment

What types of repairs are included in the PMP?Dock and Door

  • Dock and industrial doors
    • Check rollers and hinges, springs, and panel replacement
    • Track surfaces are cleaned and free of obstructions
    • Greasing and maintenance on all moving parts
    • Bolts and fasteners are correctly tightened
    • Repair broken door drum and bearings
    • Align and balance doors plus full door replacements
    • Check internal gears and moving parts
    • Replace frayed door cables, and open ‘hot’ lines to prevent fire hazard
    • Install and repair commercial opener and jacks shafts
    • Check electrical connections and operator rails

  • Dock levelers, seals, and under-leveler seals
    • Pit clean out – remove all debris
    • Lubricate parts
    • Adjust hold down box
    • Check and tighten electrical or hydraulic connections

  • Vehicle restraints20150217_154424
    • Inspect all weld points for cracks or breaks
    • Adjust drive chain tension
    • Check drive motor and gearbox for wear and damage
    • Inspect hook and hook-shaft for wear and damage
    • Lubricate and clean

What’s included in each preventative maintenance inspection?Dock door bug screens up - dock door protection in Dallas TX

  • Routine scheduling customized to your needs by certified, trained technicians
  • Comprehensive evaluation of dock equipment and industrial doors
  • Detailed checklist after every visit showing summary of equipment
  • Equipment numbered and logged by type, brand, size, and model
  • Complete preventative maintenance report that complies with OSHA
  • Preventative maintenance and onsite cleaning
  • Recommended repairs/replacements are quoted for your review and approval

Are there other benefits to having a PMP?

  • Complimentary follow-up to ensure your needs have been met
  • ‘On Call’ priority service for emergencies
  • Preferred pricing on parts, labor, and equipment
  • Training for safe operation of equipment
  • Detailed records of inspections, evaluations and solutions

There are a few other benefits when you partner with W.W. Cannon.  You gain a lifelong service, installation and equipment partner who strives to be the BEST at providing excellent service to all of our customers.

How often will a certified tech be scheduled to come out?

Depending upon the amount of use and abuse your equipment takes, scheduled maintenance could be on a monthly basis or once per year.  Plans will be customized to your specific operational needs by one of our certified technicians.

Contact us today!To determine the best Preventative Maintenance Plan for your dock equipment, industrial doors and curtain walls, contact us or call for consultation. 800-442-3061

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Quick In-Plant Office Install Video & Guardrail Pricing for a Safe Workplace

Watch How Fast Modular Offices Go Up 

Starrco Modular Office Solutions make it easy to expand, reconfigure or relocate your enclosure. No down time with our pre-engineered modular offices while our installation team works FAST from start to clean-up!

Protect your Modular Office, equipment and employees with heavy duty guard rail and safety products. View and download Guardrail Options & Pricing PDF – IN-STOCK in Dallas TX.


Our experienced material handling installation teams deliver quick turn-key installation! We are OSHA compliant, fully insured and deliver increased capabilities. Our friendly, courteous, conscientious staff are detailed down to thorough clean-up, with no mess left!

Starrco Modular Offices Installation Including Guardrail System. Our turn-key services deliver confidence, satisfaction and security.

Contact us today!Contact us for info on In-Plant Offices, Guardrail, and Design &  Installation services or call 800-442-3061 to speak with a systems expert.

In-Plant Office on 2-Story Mezzanine Work Platform

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Top 8 Safety Products to Protect Against Forklift Damage

Forklift Collision Damage - Top 8 Safety Products in Dallas TXJune 13, 2017 is National Forklift Safety Day so we’d like to create awareness for some of our favorite collision prevention solutions.

Forklift accidents are at the top of the list for potential hazards in most distribution centers and warehouses.  Collision accidents are quite common so it remains a high priority to safeguard pedestrians and equipment in facilities where any type of industrial lift trucks are used.  Thousands of workers are injured every year due to operator negligence or lack of safety provision.

Top accidents involving workers include: Worker/forklift collisions – Load falls onto worker – Driver trapped between forklift and object – Forklift drives off loading dock.

Poor operator judgement and lack of proper operator training account for a portion of forklift accidents. So it’s important to find a good safety training program for your truck operators and make it a company policy to renew certifications on a regular basis.  Having your lift trucks routinely inspected and maintained is another must in upholding safety within your facility.

Then there are factors that create accident prone conditions: poor lighting, high noise levels, little or no traffic control, excessive speeds, and insufficient aisle space.  So it’s equally important that the work area must also be safeguarded to promote the highest success in safety.

Our Top 8 Collision Prevention Products

If you’re operating forklifts or industrial lift equipment in your facility, we highly recommend the following equipment for well-rounded protection of your work area.

Safety GuardrailSafety products for collision damage prevention in warehouses and distribution centers - Dallas TX

Promote a safe and efficient work environment by installing guardrail perimeter barriers.  Withstands 10,000 lbs. of impact with proper installation.  Protects in-plant buildings, expensive equipment, and defines pedestrian walkways.

Pedestrian Barriers

Clearly separate and define walkways and safe walk areas with pedestrian barriers. Ability to quickly identify safe walk areas from dangerous traffic areas. Cost effective solution.

Post Protectors

Keep your pallet rack and products intact – post protectors anchor to the floor to prevent damage from forklift collision. End-Of-Aisle protectors available for the full width of your rack upright.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Protect the workers under your products with pallet rack safety nets – reduce the safety hazard of falling items into the work area. Cost effective, durable solution.

Steel Bollards

Protects dock doors, equipment, buildings from collision damage. Steel bollards are sturdy and effectively absorbs impact.

Safety Gates  –

Helps to prevent heavy equipment or products from rolling off your dock. Safety gates provide controlled access and helps to direct safe pedestrian traffic.

Safety Lights & Mirrors

Provide proper lighting and visual cues to commonly hazardous areas with safety lights and mirrors. Easy to mount on installed dock arms.  LED energy efficient lighting available.

Collision Awareness

Improve critical communication between truck drivers and dock workers. Collison awareness products provide clear signals instantly recognized as ‘stop and go’.  Creates awareness at blind intersections or overhead areas.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and potentially avoid forklift related accidents – and making your facility safe for workers, pedestrians, and equipment is something we specialize in.

Contact us for safety consultation and an assessment of your workspace – we’ll help you get your facility on the right track.

Contact us today!
or call us today at 800.442.3061.
We look forward to assisting you.

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Forklift Collision Protection – Guardrail Stops 10,000 LB Of Force

Forklift Collision Protection - National Safety Awareness banner imageJune is National Safety Month. We take safety very seriously as I’m sure you do and thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about protecting your equipment and personnel against forklift collision.

Image of forklift collision damage to brick wallForklift accidents happen more often than anyone would like to admit. Forklift operators have a lot to pay attention to. Not only are they expected to work safely, but they also must keep up with productivity.  Due to busyness, blind spots, and unprotected areas, accidents will happen. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and potentially avoid forklift accidents.

DSV is a global transport and warehouse logistics company which delivers cargo anywhere in the world by air, sea, road and rail. So you can imagine their warehouse floor is a very active area with over 20 forklifts running constantly, flying around the facility, picking up and dropping off pallets.

Electric panel wall now protected by guardrail in Dallas TXWithin the facility, the brick wall housing the electric panel and inplant office are situated next to busy dock doors.  A forklift operator backed into the inner brick wall, as they were leaving the dock – which took out a chunk of wall.  Fortunately the damage was minor and no one was injured.  (Picture to right shows forklift collision damage which occured before the guardrail solution.)

After a thorough safety evaluation, we suggested a wall of defense with heavy duty guardrail to:

  1. Protect the wall and inplant office
  2. Create an aisle between the wall and guard rail so people could walk safety
  3. Prevent the electrical panel from being damaged

In-plant office protected by guardrail in Dallas TXOur In-Stock selection of guardrail, after being properly installed, is engineered to withstand a 10,000 pound impact at 4 mph. Ensuring the people and equipment within your facility will remain protected from traffic accidents and other hazards. Guardrail is used to safeguard conveyor systems, manufacturing equipment, electrical panels, computer stations, staircases and walkways, in-plant offices, first aid and restroom areas, or anywhere else crash protection is required.

Now with the increased safety to the facility, equipment and pedestrian walk ways, UTI/DSV benefits from a safer working environment protecting people, products, profits – securely and reliably.

Guardrail Special Pricing PDF – View or download our PDF chart of current guardrail special pricing effective June 1, 2017.

Contact us today!
or call us today at 800.442.3061 for safety consultation and planning.  We look forward to assisting you.

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2017 Memorial Day – Honoring All Who Served

2017 Memorial DayWe recognize Memorial Day as a very solemn event, remembering and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our nation. Remember, honor, and never forget.
In honor of Memorial Day, W.W. Cannon’s offices will be closed on Monday, May 29.
Take a look at how Memorial Day started and how it’s become a national holiday honoring soldiers all the way back to the Revolutionary War.
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