ASRS WMS Software

WMS Software Basic Features

The Modula LIFT WMS Software comes with a PLC controller, color icons and a touch screen.

Key features include:

  • Operator-Assigned passwords: restricts machine access
  • Tray Call-Up: part call-up requires software
  • Tray Lock-Out: security for sensitive items
  • Optimization: relocates commonly used trays and reshuffles for space optimization
  • Convenient Location Mounting: not overhead-optional sliding in front of tray
  • Monitors Tray Weight: rejects overloaded trays
  • Maintenance Diagnostics: signals malfunctions
  • Manual Override: allows trays to be individually retrieved, electronically

WMS Software Packages

Modula WMS software packages offer on-site installation and training.

Package options include Base Packages, Driver Package or Standard Package software options.

Base Package

  • Free licensing fee on each order
  • Modula: Requires installation and separate PC
  • Part number call-up
  • Pick/Store list preparation
  • Controls Locations and Inventory
  • Hot picks and replenishments
  • Manual import/export to host ERP (Automatic import/export with Base Plus Package)

Driver Package

  • A TXP interface

Standard Package

  • Automatic import/export to host
  • Part number sub code management
  • Custom reports
  • FIFO management
  • Automatic part-to-location matching

Additional Modules

Up to four additional modules are available to provide any of the following functions:

  • Manage off-carousel/VLM storage areas
  • Kitting and Batch picking
  • Packing List preparation
  • Track goods-in-transit
  • Min-max inventory levels
  • RF compatibility with lift truck devices
  • Web-based assistance with automatic updates

Please contact w.w. Cannon today for any assistance customizing an ASRS application that works for you.

WMS Software Photos

ASRS WMS Software from w.w. Cannon ASRS WMS Software from w.w. Cannon ASRS WMS Software from w.w. Cannon ASRS WMS Software from w.w. Cannon

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