Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

ASRS For High Volume Inventory Applications

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are ideal for managing high-volume SKU inventory applications. Timely and accurate order fulfillment is achieved in addition to reducing excessive man hours used to manually pick orders. Wasted space is more effectively utilized and can increase the capacity of your existing Distribution Center floor plan while accommodating more SKUs.

W.W. Cannon offers top of the line automated storage and retrieval systems from Modula in addition to our signature Design-Build-Layout-Install concept of start to finish project oversight and management.

Modula ASRS Benefits

  • Modula offers Best-In-Class Warranty, full factory telephone support, and spare parts inventories to customers.
  • Under-utilized space and unused ceiling height is more effectively used. For example: product stored in 40 bins of standard shelving requires approximately 360 square feet of floor space. The same amount of product will fit in one vertical lift module with a footprint as small as 100 square feet. The full ceiling height can be utilized. Modula’s standard machines can store up to 46’.
  • Parts are brought to the picker, therefore, non-productive travel and search time is eliminated. In many applications as much as 76% of an order-filler’s time may now be devoted to picking rather than walking. The time and number of personnel required to locate and pick orders are reduced by up to 66% over the conventional grocery shopping method of order fulfillment.
  • Because SKU location is signaled digitally rather than viewed on a paper pick list, orders are more accurately filled. Inventory accuracy is greatly improved when access is limited to approved personnel. The ability to closely monitor the order process and inventory level by the use of software functionality results in greater inventory accuracy.
  • Containment of inventory and access-protected machines reduce the likelihood of inventory losses and unexplained shrinkage. Within a Vertical Lift Machine (VLM), product is protected and not susceptible to contamination from airborne dirt and dust.
  • Time-consuming and fatigue-inducing reaching and bending are eliminated because all products are handled at an OSHA defined waist-high level. Workers comp claims may be reduced because statistics from the Bureau of Labor show that more than 30% of all workplace injuries result from excessive climbing, lifting, bending and carrying of objects .

ASRS Applications

  • Plumbing or Electrical Wholesaler
  • Electronics Manufacturer
  • Heavy Equipment Dealer
  • Rapid Transit Maintenance
  • Production Equipment Manufacturer
  • Any facility storing small parts, totes or cartons in shelving or modular drawer cabinets

Please contact w.w. Cannon today for any assistance customizing an ASRS application that works for you.

ASRS Photos

Automated Storage Retrieval Systems From w.w. Cannon Automated Storage Retrieval Systems From w.w. Cannon Automated Storage Retrieval Systems From w.w. Cannon Automated Storage Retrieval Systems From w.w. Cannon

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