Ergonomic News – Improve Plant Safety and Productivity With More Efficient and Effective Gorbel Work Station Bridge Cranes

W. W. Cannon, Inc. is the local distributor for Gorbel®Crane Systems.  In a study done by the Rochester Institute of Technology, Gorbel®Work Station Cranes were compared to manually operated, traditional I-Beam cranes in relation to push and pull standards developed by Snook and Cirello for consideration by NIOSH.

The Conclusion:  The study revealed that workers using manually operated bridge cranes can safely handle significantly more weight with a Gorbel® Work Station Crane than with an I-Beam crane.  In the workplace, this translates into reduced risk of  job-related injury as well as significant increases in work productivity. 

To read the complete report, please open the attached pdf.

wwc ergostudy

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