Warehouse Personnel and Summer Heat Concerns

With temperatures regularly hitting the high 90’s and up to triple didgets, we all have reason to be concerned about heat stress and safety of warehouse personnel. 

Here are a few tips to help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stress:

  1. Don’t wear dark, tight-fitting clothes.
  2. Don’t eat heavy meals before working in the heat (especially stay away from dairy and heavy beef types of food).
  3. Cover as much of your body as possible
  4. Keep drinking water and gatorade close by.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine.
  6. Know and react to symptoms of heat-related health problems such as delerium, mental confusion, convulsions, shaking, vomiting, etc.
  7. Water alone cannot replenish necessary salt and mineral depletion. 

Industrial fans, coolers and other industrial air circulation devices are also recommended for non-air conditioned warehouse or distribution areas.  Call us today for a heat assessment of your warehouse or distribution area and ways to keep your personnel safe and free from heat related problems.

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