Converting Unused Dock Space For Electrical and Instrumentation Contractor in Houston, Texas

Unused space can easily be converted into functional office or break-room space for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction and in a fraction of the time.  Billy Duplechin, W. W. Cannon Sales Representative in Houston, Texas offered this option to an electrical and instrumentation contractor who was out of office and break-room space for warehouse personnel.

Billy offered the solution of converting their unused dock space into four offices and a large break-room by installing a 1500 square foot Starrco Modular Building.  Starrco Modular Buildings are easy to install because all materials are pre-cut, mitered and completely finished leaving minimal mess, dust and disruption to your operation.

Since Starrco offices can be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled, companies can depreciate the building over 7 years, not 39 years as required for conventional construction.

Conact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information.

Unused Dock Space Prior To Starrco Modular Office Installation

Unused Dock Space Prior To Starrco Modular Office Installation

After installing Starrco modular offices

Space After Installing Starrco Modular Offices

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