Dress Up Rivet Shelving with Slat Wall & Peg Board in Corpus Christi TX

Rivet Shelving Rivet Shelving is an inexpensive, versatile product with great load capacity at a tremendous value.  

This multi-purpose shelving is excellent for back room storage, as well as retail showrooms.  Rivet can be dressed up with a Slat Wall on the end of rows and Peg Board backing.

End cap on rivetRivet Shelving offers you:

  • Quick assembly
  • Cost effective shelving
  • Increased merchandising area
  • Versatile configuration to maximize space
  • Additional vertical space to display your products
  •  Retail functionality to hang products on end caps
  • Particle board or wire decking shelf options

Rivet ShelvingRivet comes in a variety of colors (not just available in Industrial Gray).  When budgeting your project, this is an easy retail adder that usual costs less than an additional 5%.

If you have an industrial or wholesale retail space (HVAC Supply, Electrical Supply, Plumbing Supply etc…) you can bring form and function to your space with a good looking low cost solution.

Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on Rivet Shelving or any of your material handling and storage planning projects.


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