Warehouse Safety Products: Part 9 – Safety Nets

Warehouse Safety Nets – Preventing product push-through on your rack to provide an added layer of safety.

Even the most experienced forklift drivers can make a mistake…  and I don’t even want to think about the inexperienced drivers!  We all want the best safety measures in place to protect the workers under our care and our products.  Safety netting is a cost effective, durable solution – big savings over wire rack back and just as reliable.

Large, palletized and shrink wrapped bulk loads sit securely behind the netting, reducing the safety hazard of falling items into the work area.   High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

Fixed Safety Net For Pallet RackFixed Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TX

Keep your products in place.  Fixed rack safety netting creates a barrier to protect the flue space from large palletized items pushing through or falling.

Sliding Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TXSliding Safety Net For Pallet Rack

Same benefits as the fixed netting but can be added to protect items from falling off the front of the bay.  Netting slides easily for quick access to your products.

Safety Net For Bollards

Removable Safety Netting for Bollards in Dallas TXDock areas are a common place for injuries, especially unguarded dock doors.  Safety netting for bollards are a quick and cost-effective way to provide a barrier between the warehouse and dock doors. Nets are designed with a 9 ft. opening and custom sizes are available.

  • Removable bollard nets mount to existing bollards in minutes with no retrofit required.
  • Anchored Safety Netting for Bollards in Dallas TXAnchored bollard nets mount securely to the bollard. Safety yellow provides great visibility.

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