Part I – Mezzanine Footings for 3-Story Pick Module Project

Pick Module Footing - Preparation for Mezzanine Pick modules are multi-level engineered storage systems custom designed to integrate various storage solutions within warehouses and distribution centers. This particular system is being designed for a new auto facility in California.

This specific pick module system combines:

  • 3 story mezzanine work platform
  • Small auto parts shelving
  • 3 levels of Rousseau shelving with custom modular drawers
  • Material lift for safe transportation of pallets and bulk products

Proper engineering is most important for safe operations.  This often involves footings for pick modules like this one going into a distribution center in California.  Different municipalities have different requirements and we adhere to those specific regulations.  These requirements need to be explored early in the project as they can take months to be approved and permitted.

Pick Module Footing - Preparation for Mezzanine

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Pick Module Footing - Preparation for Mezzanine

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