Part II – Mezzanine Footings Complete for Automotive Distribution Center in CA

20,000 sf 3-story Mezzanine Project with Safety Pivot Gates

20,000 sf 3-story Mezzanine Project going up in CA

Seismic footings on mezzanine complete for automotive parts storage and distribution center.

Every mezzanine platform design/installation presents certain challenges.  Live loads, dead loads and seismic loads must be taken into careful consideration when designing a structural mezzanine.

When installing a mezzanine, a properly engineered mezzanine platform must be designed to withstand seismic effects. By working with qualified, experienced engineers who follow stringent seismic codes and requirements, you are ensured an optimum, safe work structure.

Footings being installed – Phase I

Footings being laid for mezzanine projectAfter the slab analysis has been performed, footings properly laid, the mezzanine platform is now a safe work environment.

See the image that highlights the process that a qualified engineering team will follow during a Slab Analysis.

Our experience includes working with municipalities, city requirements to assist you with permits, electrical, fire or seismic safety codes. We meet design standards for all 50 states, and provide stamped and sealed drawings prepared by the manufacturer – stamped by professional engineers, including calculations.


Permitting Process – we can assist you:Slab Analysis Process

  • Prepare for the permit process
  • Review scope of your project
  • Discuss time requirements
  • Facilitate a plan with local building and fire departments
  • Confirm which Codes need to be met
  • Provide a thorough understanding of drawing and documentation requirements
    • Which Drawings need to be Stamped and by Whom?
    • Does a Fire Code Compliance Review need to be done?
  • Discuss installation requirements – Prior to permitting, what can – cannot be done?

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Look for Part III – coming soon!  Flooring options for your mezzanine deck.

Finished Mezzanine Flooring with Resin Deck

Resin Deck Mezzanine Flooring

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