Relieve Heat Stress and Fatigue: Prevent Heat Related Hazards


Heat related injuries can be prevented by using the unique High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan System. Increased, consistent air flow relieves heat stress and fatigue, as well as reduce the perceived temperature by 10˚ to 15˚F.BG_HVLS_Fans_FalconIII_300px_1

The Eagle VI moves air with less energy. Lower energy costs up to 30% with the Eagle VI six-airfoil system. Air velocity is increased in the hot summer months and de-stratifies hot air pockets in the winter.

Limited space? No worries!  The Falcon III, which is built for smaller areas, may be right for you. If you have a compact environment, consider the Blue Giant Falcon III system to optimize temperatures.

Eagle VI – Six blade fan from 12′ – 24′ blades designed to increase air velocity.

Falcon III – Three blades from 6′ – 14′ moves air up to 12′ in small to medium areas.AutoPilot_MultiFanController_300px

AutoPilot – All fans can operate together or separately with the AutoPilot remote control.

With the LCD touchscreen display panel users can adjust individual fan speeds and change fan rotation with just one touch.

For added safety, the AutoPilot controls tie into the building fire system and will shut down in case of an emergency.

Fan Sizes & Styles To Fit All

Many industrial and commercial size fans and styles are available for warehouses, manufacturing centers, auto dealerships, and retail facilities.

Expect to enjoy:
• Comfortable work environment
• Reduce existing HVAC run time
• Increase productivity
• Lower energy costs by 30%

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