3 Simple Products to Prevent Loads From Falling Off Your Rack Systems

What goes up must come down – one way or another.

Whether products are taken down safely by a forklift truck or an accident happens – it’s a universal law that cannot be ignored.  We all do our best to follow safe stacking practices but loads can shift or improperly stacked loads can fall, putting people in danger.

It’s especially dangerous in the retail industry where pedestrians frequently walk through aisles of loaded rack systems with double stacked pallets and forklifts operating during business hours.  A recent pallet fall accident demonstrates how these incidents can happen.

It’s time to ‘take action’ before the law of gravity decides for you! 

Have you ever ‘hoped’ that your workers or shoppers were safe from falling product and pallets?  Gravity may be an unstoppable force, but you do have a great amount of control over the outcome by implementing safety equipment designed to prevent rack system falls.

Rack safety equipment doesn’t have to be complex or costly.  There are many affordable products that effectively protect pedestrians and workers.

Rack Safety Straps & Netting

Fixed Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TXRack safety straps and netting offers simple and affordable solutions for fall prevention.  No tools are necessary.  Very quick to install.

1. Safety Straps – Mounted to the back of the rack with a 2400 lb burst strength. The durable straps act as a barrier to keep large, palletized or shrink-wrapped items from falls or pushing through into the flue space.

2. Fixed Safety Netting – Safety straps with added yellow mesh. Designed to mount to rack back for push through prevention. Keeps loose and palletized products from falling into your flue space. Complies with fire codes. No retrofit needed.

3. Sliding Safety Net – Safety straps with sliding yellow mesh. Designed for the front of the bay to protect work areas and allow for easy pick-and-pack.

Wire Mesh Back PanelsWire Pallet Rack Back Guard

Wire mesh pallet rack back panels bolt directly to the back of your existing rack uprights forming a sturdy wall of protection between stored product and busy work aisles.

Rigid, resilient, quick to install and competitively priced.  Workers will remain safe from falling pallets or items being pushed off the back should a forklift bump the racking or if a pallet breaks.

Load Supports

Pallet Rack Load SupportSimple load supports can be added under the pallet to keep pallets from falling through or between the load beams.  There’s a variety of supports available – drop-in, roll-in or snap-in.

Decking is also available and provides more stability but can be costlier.  Rack decking comes in a variety of options to fit your budget. Let us know your application and we can suggest the safest option for you.

Protect your employees and customers from falling product and pallets.

Contact us for safety consultation, safety assessments, and more information regarding affordable and safe solutions.

Call 800-442-3061 to speak to a specialist. We know that trust is earned and our clients are happy to testify – ask us for references!



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