Custom Dock Solutions – Easy Access With A Dock Lift – Richardson TX Case Study


Need a lift? Taking products to new heights with with easy to install hydraulic dock lift.

Client: Market leader for mobile surveillance systems in Richardson TX
Challenge: Load/unload heavy products off dock to ground level without a ramp
Solution: Safely load/unload products with a heavy-duty hydraulic scissor lift
Equipment: Vestil Hydraulic Dock Lift

Challenge: Short On Lift

Our client is one of Texas’ premier mobile surveillance systems providers. At one of their warehouse facilities, they had plenty of large products ready to ship out… but no way to get them off the dock!

“With no access to a forklift or ramp, getting their products from the dock to ground level proved to be a challenging task. That’s where we came in,” says W.W. Cannon Material Handling Sales Specialist Jason Bobo.

Luckily for our client, Jason had an uplifting solution — one that didn’t require a set of stilts.

Solution: Rising Above

We were able to provide and install an 8’ x 8’ scissor dock lift by Vestil Manufacturing. This hydraulic lift allows our client to safely and efficiently move their product from the dock level to ground level for easier loading and shipping.

According to Jason, the level of improved efficiency is a testament to the success of the solution.

“Prior to installing the scissor dock lift, there was no safe or efficient way to raise and lower the material,” he says. “That’s no longer a problem.”

Next Step: Always Here To Provide A Lift

Not every warehouse is properly equipped to handle your specific needs. So, when material handling problems have got you down, we’re here to “lift” you up!

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