Safety Netting for Warehouse Rack & Dock Doors by W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

Put your net out for the catch! Warehouse Safety Netting

Put your net out for the catch!  Simple concept.  You do it while fishing to prevent the escape of your prized catch; ensuring it doesn’t fall off the hook.  Similar concept with high density product storage.  Products stored 20+ feet high are prone to shifting, falling, and potential push-through off the back.  This can lead to fire code citations, costly product damage, or even worse – critical injury or death to one of your employees.

There’s not an ounce of prevention you would spare to keep your employees safe from falling products and equipment. And warehouse safety netting is a safe and cost-effective way to provide that catch!

Free Samples

This Rack Safety System is safe, trusted, and approved by W.W. Cannon. Contact us for a FREE rack safety net sample.  It’s so easy to install – but if you need assistance, we’d be happy to come out and provide professional installation and consultation on safe and efficient use.  * Ask us if you’re located within our service area.

Storage Rack Solutions

This safety netting and strapping is one of the toughest and most cost-effective safety solutions available. In fact you’ll save yourself at least 50% or more over solutions such as wire mesh paneling.Fixed Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TX

1. Fixed Safety Netting – Restrains loose, palletized, or shrink wrapped items. Specifically designed to mount to rack back to prevent push through and keep your flue space clear to comply with fire code standards. Mounts and removes quickly to existing rack – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

Sliding Safety Netting for Pallet Rack in Dallas TX2. Sliding Safety Netting – Designed for pick-and-pack operations.  Offers flexibility to front of picking bays. Keeps goods secure and slides to the side for easy access. Installs into existing racking in seconds – no retrofit needed.  High visibility yellow for easy safety checks.

3. Rack Safety Strapping – Keeps large, palletized, or shrink wrapped items from pushing through into the flue space or falling into a work area. Mounts quickly to existing back of rack – no retrofit needed. Removes for access in seconds. Safety yellow.

4. Rack Back & End Catch Net – Designed for walkway and work area protection. Installs in minutes with a unique, no tools needed hardware.

Dock Door Solutions

Removable Safety Netting for Bollards in Dallas TXUnguarded dock doors are a common area for employee injuries and equipment damage.

5. Safety Net for Bollards –   Safety net secured to bollards provide a secure barrier at dock doors. Designed with a 9 ft. opening – custom sizes are available. Anchors to existing bollards in minutes – no retrofit required.  Safety yellow to ensure high visiblity.

Efficient, Cost-Effective & Tough Specs You Can Trust

  • Effective pallet push-through prevention
  • Affordable flue space compliance
  • Easy set up, tear down, relocation of netting
  • No retrofitting
  • No tools needed
  • Save 50% or more over other solutions
  • (Rack Safety Strap) Assembly: 2,400 lb burst strength.
  • (Safety Netting) Cargo Webbing: 2” polyester 10,000 lb break strength
  • (Safety Netting) Seatbelt Webbing: 2″ polyester 6,000 lb break strength
  • (Catch Net) Steel carabiner: 2,000 lb. tensile per
  • (Catch Net) Hardware connector: 1,600 lb. tensile per

Contact us today!

Give us a call at 800-442-3061 to speak to a safety expert now. We’ll assist you with any safety concerns and find the right solution you need.  Safety is what we do – each and every day.

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