Award Presentation for 15 years Top Distributor for Starrco Modular Office Systems

Greg and Mark Worth - 15 year AwardMark Worth, territory manager for Starrco Modular Office Solutions honored W.W. Cannon, Inc. for being one of their top distributor for 15 years.

This great achievement was celebrated with Mark Worth on September 9th at Dakota’s Steakhouse in downtown Dallas with W.W. Cannon’s president, Greg Brown, the sales & marketing team, and installation crew.

Two Story Molular Office 092111W.W. Cannon partners with Starrco in designing everything from simple offices and lunchrooms to world class clean rooms.  STARRCO manufactures prefabricated, prefinished components to construct enclosures in 75% less time than stud and drywall construction.

W.W. Cannon assists industrial, warehousing, manufacturing plants and distribution center customers with modular office projects beginning with the design process and layout to the final build and install.

For additional information contact us at 800.442.3061.

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