Fast Boltless Shelving Solves Auto Parts Storage Expansion

Auto Parts Storage Solutions in Dallas TXWe’re all busy trying to get done what we need to do, right?  What happens when we’re busy, running out of space, and have additional product to store?  It gets stored on the floor – and we all know how fast that can get messy if not handled soon.

Our friends at Ancira Volkswagen in Laredo TX needed extra storage space within their facility.  Their growing demands called for some strategic storage planning.  They already had a great start on facilitating space with their mezzanine system but needed a quick installation of some basic shelving units to expand their storage capabilities.RiveTier boltless style shelving in Dallas TX

Quickly expand your storage capabilities with Reliable RiveTier Boltless Shelving

There’s nothing quicker than RiveTier boltless style shelving.  With the rivet snap-in and lock connection, setting up several rows of shelving units was quick and painless – no bolts, no cross-ties, no mess.  No toolbox either, just a rubber mallet to tap the rivets into place.  With weight capacities of up to 2400 lbs/shelf, these units are sturdy and reliable.

Up to 40% More Space Utilizedafter-in-process-rivet-shelving

The new boltless shelving units allowed them to efficiently store 40% more automotive parts.  Our friends immediately experienced reduced damage to product, increased productivity, and picking efficiency.  Ergonomic issues were also addressed by adding the shelving units – no more stacking or lifting from the floor.  We even added a few more rows of RiveTier for their records storage.

Our friends at Ancira Volkswagen were extremely pleased with their increased storage capabilities.  We plan on helping them to keep on top of their future storage needs as they grow.

Contact us today!Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on expanding your storage capabilities.  We’ve got a solution for you.


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