Secured Widespan Shelving is a Perfect Fit for Shipping Containers

Widespan Shelving W.W. Cannon, Inc. meets the requirements for shipping container.

4 very specific requirements for a shipping container:

1. Sturdy, well-supported shelving anchored to the floor is a must for shipping container.

Widespan Shelving2. Each level had to hold at least 1,000 pounds.

3. Securely fasten shelves to the upright to prevent products from falling off the shelves.

4. Quick delivery within 5 days!

Widespan Shelving Widespan Shelving accomplished all four requirements.

The Widespan Shelving was 96”T x 30″D racking with 72” & 84” long beams.  There were three shelving levels.  The shelving included safety pins and footplates which were anchored to the floor.

Once the shelving was secured in place, the orange beams were fastened on the uprights to create a safe shelving unit. Additional safety measures were taken, which included adding another beam that ran across the uprights to create a snug fit against the stored product.

Industrial safety pins were drilled in to prevent beams from popping off the uprights. This extra preventative measure insured no spilled products, damaged goods, or significant waste.  This results in greater productivity, as well as significant profitability!

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