Two Companies Value Safety – W.W. Cannon Provides Safety Solutions in Garland, TX

Warehouse Collision Prevention Equipment - Dallas TX

Bollards and guardrail protect equipment and personnel from heavy traffic areas - Dallas TXSafety is a priority for our loyal customer and W.W. Cannon offered a safety solution for their productive manufacturing plant.

Plant manager, Eli needed his pallet rack relocated quickly into their brand new add-on facility. Our Warehouse Lifeguard, Doug Hutchins, went into action to provide the safety measures and equipment they required.

Guardrail protects personnel from heavy traffic areas - Dallas TXTo ensure the safest environment, Doug suggested adding guard rail, end of isle protectors and bollards to protect equipment, and ensure employees can move in and out of the isles safely.

Implementation and configuration of safety products included: 

  • protecting new pallet rack
  • the building walls
  • electrical panels
  • bathrooms

Column protectors keep columns safe from collision. Dallas TX Guardrail keeps your equipment safe from forklift damage. Dallas TX Guard rail was added outside the building to protect the building itself and the offices that large delivery trucks are being driven around the area.

Bollards were strategically placed: 

  • next to door ways
  • building columns
  • around battery charging area for their forklifts and encircled around the area for maximum safety

End of Aisle protectors were added to pallet rack to ensure the safest possible solution for product and avoid unnecessary fork lift damage.

Since getting the job completed safely was a #1 concern, our crew worked quickly at night. Productivity in the manufacturing and shipping areas ran smoothly without delays during the installation project. Our installation foreman, Frank Guevara, managed the project from beginning to completion with speed, safety and excellence.

Two companies that value safety come together and get the job done!

Contact us today!Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on solving your safety issues, material handling and storage planning projects.


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