2018 W.W. Cannon Weight Loss Challenge Banner

On The Road To A Better You: 2018 Company Weight Loss Challenge

2018 W.W. Cannon Weight Loss Challenge Banner

Hit the road running with a new year and new start!  With obesity rates at an all-time high, one of the best ways to improve our health is through weight loss.  This sparked a desire to improve the health of our entire team with our company-wide 2018 Weight Loss Challenge!

W.W. Cannon is making it fun by getting our team motivated with one thing that fuels us all – $$$$$!  Positive encouragement, a great support system, and a few incentives can ensure your success!  Here’s how we’re doing it.

2018 Weight Loss Challenge Rules and Prizes

1.      Weight Loss Challenge will last for 12 weeks beginning January 3, 2018 and will end March 28, 2018.

2.     Weekly Weigh-In – scale will be used at the office so we are all weighing in on the same scale.

3.     One $50 encouragement prize will be awarded for highest percentage of weight lost on the 4th and 8th week of the contest.

4.     Grand Prize is $500.  Grand Prize winner will be determined by who lost the highest percentage of weight over the 12 week period.

*  Actual weight will not be publicized, only the percentage of weight you lose each week and total percentage of weight lost over the entire 12 weeks.

Feel free use our ideas to start your own company Weight Loss Challenge to improve the health of your team. Let’s embarked on this challenge together and start this year with healthy routines that will keep us lean for years to come.

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