Patient Screening Booth COVID Testing

COVID Screening Booths for No-Touch Testing Prepares Future of Improved Health Care

Screening Booths provide a safe solution to separate health care and emergency workers from patients.

Ready to order and developed by Starrco, indoor/outdoor COVID Screening Booths provide a safe solution to separate health care and emergency workers from patients. 

Starrco’s Screening Booth, making No-Touch Testing possible, is the first to market in North America. It’s now available as a rush order for all CV-19 related projects. Offering complete separation between patients, medical staff, or healthcare workers while maintaining the ability to quickly and efficiently provide care.  

Screening Booths now available as a rush order for all CV-19 related projects. For faster assistance, call 800-442-3061.

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Not for Medical-Only Applications

This application is not only for the health care industry.  Personal Protective Booths can also be used in government facilities, airports, commercial/industrial facilities for employee screening and more.

Personnel who enter the self-contained environment are able to safely question and examine patients, anyone wanting entry into facilities, or access to essential personnel.  Swab tests, temperature, and basic visual examinations can be performed in order to reduce risk of illness to others.

Eliminates Need for Additional PPE

Personal Protective Booths also eliminate the need for additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Within the Protective Booth, workers require standard exam gloves and basic surgical masks which saves on limited, vital supplies such as N95 masks, face shields and gowns.

Prepare for Quick Response Beyond COVID-19 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake the current standard of operations, hospitals and healthcare providers, government and commercial businesses are looking for ways to deliver quick response and maintain a state of preparedness. 

This need goes beyond the current pandemic to adopting new methods which provide for faster response rates.  Contact-Free Screening Booths supply the efficiency to treat larger numbers of people while delivering the added protection required to reduce spread and improve containment.

Screening Booth Features:

  • Modular design keeps units portable and relocatable. 
  • The structures are built with insulated walls for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • Custom designed for number of openings as well as consideration for adjustable heights to accommodate people of different statures and disabilities. 
  • Electric modules are built-in to provide lighting and HVAC if desired. 
  • HEPA filters are available to provide added air filtration. 
  • Glass and smooth vinyl laminated walls for easy cleaning. Medical teams can quickly sanitize between each visit and the entire booth can be washed down.
  • Current lead time average 2 weeks.

Screening Booth Specs:

  • Sealed glass barrier
  • Glove port: Either an Iris Port or Neoprene One-Piece Sleeve
  • Portable
  • Interior or exterior applications

10″ Glovebox Port

  • ABS plastic adapter ring
  • 10″ (254mm) iris

10″ Glovebox Iris Port

  • 7-layer silicone rubber iris with ABS plastic adapter ring
  • 8.75″ iris

Neoprene One-Piece Sleeve

    • Heavy-duty chemical-resistant neoprene
    • Size 9 glove for 10″ port
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