LeadUrship by Example

Do WAYST Your Time!

LeadUrship by Example

This week on the third work day of the year, my selling brain woke up. 
I felt the drive to make happen what I had planned for 2016. (No I don’t always feel I have the drive. That’s another blog article.)  I was having a sit down breakfast along with a cup of coffee waiting to board my plane and I was alone to think.  (Maybe I was thinking because I had accidentally taken some time to contemplate.  That’s another blog article also.)

What was I thinking? “What are you selling today?”
That makes you think about some really important things.  About the product.  About its features and benefits.  About your presentation. About who you are going to see.  I could go on and on. Being the sales manager that I am, my next thought was “What is my sales force selling today.” I picked up my phone and sent a quick text to each of them.  “What are you selling today?”  Within minutes I received text and/or phone calls from each of them.  Most called sometime during the day too.  This led to what sales managers are suppose to talk to their sales force about.  Selling!!!  I was thinking.  About selling.  They were thinking about selling.   Life was good!!!  “Think and Grow Rich”  Right?  Right!

What  Are  You  Selling  Today?  WAYST
Ask yourself WAYST every day.  Preferably early before you get involved in too many non-selling activities.  Don’t waste your time.

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