Easy Arm Crane Increases Safety and Boosts Productivity in DFW Area Manufacturing Plant: Phase I

Gorbel Easy Arm CraneThe Gorbel Easy Arm has increased safety while boosting productivity.

Ergonomic lifting with Gorbel’s Easy Arm combines high speed and precision when ergonomic lifting is required.

Searching for a safe and effective way to move the 50-100 pound boxes from pallet to conveyor, the Easy Arm was the right solution for this job. Thus, began Phase 1 of the ergonomic lifting project.

Current operations involved one employee moving 2-5 boxes at a time to accomplish the job. Using the Easy Arm 20+ units can be moved at a time. With this accelerated speed, increased productivity offers a safer solution moving inventory.

“The Easy Arm has created more efficiency in our manufacturing plant. It has increased our productivity significantly. It was well worth it,” says our satisfied customer, Casey.

Download the Easy Arm brochureGorbel Easy Arm Crane

Click Here for Gorbel Crane Technology Ergonomic Lifting Brochure, includes Bridge Cranes & Monorails, Jib & Gantry Cranes, Intelligent Lift Devices, and Fall Arrest Systems.

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