Social Distancing Separation Panel Sneeze Guards

Employee Separation Panels Maintain Social Distancing for the Industrial Workplace

Here we are again in June and Safety is the topic of the month.  But a unique requirement for maintaining employee separation in the workplace has become the new “business as usual”.

Right now, companies are looking for ways to help their employees to feel safe and keep their confidence levels high when going back to the work environment.

Portable Employee Separation Panels with Sneeze Guard Protection

WireCrafter’s portable employee separation panels help to enforce social distancing safety parameters defined by the CDC for the workplace.  

These portable sneeze guard protection screens are a quick solution to maintain industrial workplace separation.  They’ll effectively keep workers at a 6 foot distance from other workers during pandemic outbreaks without permanent construction.  With medium to heavy-duty options, they’re perfect for fast-paced distribution centers or labor-intense manufacturing operations. 

1. Peace of Mind

Breathing, coughing, sneezing – it’s going to happen.  But when it’s critical to keep people working at safe distances, the sneeze guard protection screens are a fast solution providing basic protection and peace of mind.

2. High Visibility

The clear polycarbonate panels provide unimpeded visibility for effective communication and necessary accountability. 

3. Portable & Adaptable

Durable casters provide quick mobility to form a single separation wall, a two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided enclosure as well as many other configurations. 

4. Easy to Disinfect

The smooth surface of the polycarbonate screens are easy to spray or wipe down with anti-viral cleaners.  The metal frames and casters are also easily disinfected with spray cleaners.

5. Made in the USA

We’re proud to partner with our vendor, WireCrafters. All their products are manufactured in the USA and helps to support our recovering economy.

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