Oil-Energy Shipping Warehouse Choose Pivot Pro Crane & Vacuum Tube Lifter in DFW Area: Phase II

Gorbel Pivot CraneProductivity was lagging in the shipping department because stacking 60 pound boxes began wearing on Casey’s employees.

Determined to find a way to help protect employees from the risk of injury, Casey worked with us to create a plan of action.

Gorbel Pivot CraneWith a ceiling height of only 7’7,” it was difficult to fit a crane and a vacuum tub lifter in the space provided. The application included stacking 5 boxes high. Doug Hutchins began a fearless search for a solution.

A Gorbel Pivot Pro Crane was a perfect choice for this application.  The added vacuum tub lifter was needed to get get the job done quicker, with less stress on the employees making this entire process a more efficient and safe operation!

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