3 Simple Products to Prevent Loads From Falling Off Your Rack Systems

What goes up must come down – one way or another. Whether products are taken down safely by a forklift truck or an accident happens – it’s a universal law that cannot be ignored.  We all do our best to … Continue reading

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Fast & Professional Portable Offices for Businesses on the Move

NCH Partsmaster is the leader in products for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry (MRO). They sell products and solutions to help other companies maintain and repair heavy equipment.  In order to quickly get their products to their clientele, NCH … Continue reading

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Warehouse Equipment Safety Training

At W.W. Cannon, our job doesn’t end after we receive your order. We don’t just ‘sell you a piece of equipment’.  Customer service and training are an integral part of the services we offer. We usually end up knowing as … Continue reading

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Increasing Awareness for Open Dock Door Safety

With cooler weather approaching, some may want to keep dock doors open longer to keep the area cooled and lit.  Sometimes ongoing activity leads to dock doors staying open more frequently.  Whatever the reason, open dock doors present a specific … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day!

In its 80-year history, W.W. Cannon LLC has expanded its operations from selling shelving out of the trunk of a car to its current status as a major employer and leader in the material handling equipment distributor industry. We recognize … Continue reading

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Autumn Clean Up? A Great Time To Start A Preventative Maintenance Plan For Your Warehouse & Dock Equipment

Autumn is almost upon us – as well as its downpour of leaves and debris.  Dock levelers and dock doors increase in wear and reduce in effectiveness when leaves, sticks, packaging products, pebbles, etc. are continually tossed into the mechanical components. … Continue reading

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Preventative Maintenance Plans – Planning For Future Growth

History – Who you are and forecasting where you’re going. A company’s ongoing history is an important gauge for discerning progress. It provides insight into a company’s past and helps us to make future decisions – from an investor or consumer point … Continue reading

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400 LB Brick Slab Lifting Solution with Heavy-Duty Vacuum Tube Lifter

Speed, Safety and Productivity How one new piece of equipment changed the way this Texas company does business W.W. Cannon is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. In this case study, an entire business was changed … Continue reading

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Prefab Modular Buildings Saving Big Space, Time & Taxes

Space for quality control testing with proximity to all factory operations was a recent need for one of W.W. Cannon’s clients. Handled by material handling equipment expert, Tony McMenomy, the project was filled quickly and efficiently with a Starrco modular … Continue reading

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Crash Course in Forklift Safety & Collision Prevention

Forklifts – the workhorse of the warehouse. They’re incredibly useful – but in the wrong hands they can be incredibly hazardous. Forklift operators, pedestrians and company management must all share the responsibility of ensuring forklift safety in the workplace. Hazards … Continue reading

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