Additional Pivot Pro Crane Expedites Production in DFW Energy Shipping Warehouse: Phase III

Gorbel Pivot Pro CraneWith business booming an additional Gorbel Pivot Pro Crane was purchased. Our customer needed to palletize their product more quickly in less time.

Since the first Pivit Pro was so successful, another one was purchased to expedite their production. This solution allowed them to pick up two boxes, instead of just one.

The Pivot Pro stands 10′ off the ground and spans 14′. This extra crane safely lifts the boxes creating a safer work environment.

Over all 3 Phases of this Crane project the owner has put the safety of his employees first, while gaining the added benefit of maximum productivity.

“The Pivot Pro Crane has created more efficiency in our manufacturing plant. It has increased our productivity significantly. It was well worth it,” says our satisfied customer, Casey.

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