Preventative Maintenance Plans for Dock Equipment & Industrial Doors in Dallas TX

Preventative Maintenance Q&A – Keeping Dock & Doors in Peak Performance

Preventative Maintenance Plans for Dock Equipment & Industrial Doors in Dallas TX

Ever Wished You Would’ve Done Something… Before It Broke?

Everyone knows what a pain it is having to repair or replace equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained – plus the unwanted expense and downtime. And we all wish we would have taken those proper steps to maintain – after our equipment breaks down. Moving gears, rollers, engines, bolts, cables, tracks – all incur wear and tear over time.  Just like your own vehicle, atv, or garage door, they all need proper maintenance to ensure safety and extend the life of the machinery.

For most companies, your dock equipment works the hardest – and gets hit the hardest. Dock seals and overhead doors are susceptible to impact from forklift trucks and pallet jacks plus wear and tear of everyday grind on springs or tracks. Dock levelers get a fair share of abuse as well as debris accumulating in the pit over busy seasons. High speed doors and curtain dividers eventually start to have hardware issues from daily use. Bolts become loose, guides get bent, and the fabric can tear from developing cracks. These all pose safety hazards which if not addressed, fixed or replaced will cause issues for you.

A good way to prevent workplace accidentsand get rid of that sinking feeling that you should be doing something – is by being proactive with a routine, scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plan customized by certified technicians for your operations.

Preventative Maintenance Plans – Keeping In Peak Performance

A regularly planned checkup of the overall health of your dock equipment and industrial doors should keep you from malfunctions for continued safe operations.  Our certified, trained technicians focus on keeping your dock and doors in peak condition at all times vs. only responding to a needed repair. Industrial Door Preventative Maintenance Flyer – PDF
Dock Leveler Preventative Maintenance Flyer – PDF

Preventative Maintenance Q&A

What kinds of equipment are typically covered?WESTERN PACIFIC.AFTER

  • Industrial doors (high speed roll up, freezer, clean room doors, etc.)
  • Overhead dock doors
  • Loading dock equipment (dock levelers, dock seals, dock restraints, gates, etc.)
  • Industrial curtain walls and dividers
  • Additional warehouse and manufacturing facility equipment

What types of repairs are included in the PMP?Dock and Door

  • Dock and industrial doors
    • Check rollers and hinges, springs, and panel replacement
    • Track surfaces are cleaned and free of obstructions
    • Greasing and maintenance on all moving parts
    • Bolts and fasteners are correctly tightened
    • Repair broken door drum and bearings
    • Align and balance doors plus full door replacements
    • Check internal gears and moving parts
    • Replace frayed door cables, and open ‘hot’ lines to prevent fire hazard
    • Install and repair commercial opener and jacks shafts
    • Check electrical connections and operator rails

  • Dock levelers, seals, and under-leveler seals
    • Pit clean out – remove all debris
    • Lubricate parts
    • Adjust hold down box
    • Check and tighten electrical or hydraulic connections

  • Vehicle restraints20150217_154424
    • Inspect all weld points for cracks or breaks
    • Adjust drive chain tension
    • Check drive motor and gearbox for wear and damage
    • Inspect hook and hook-shaft for wear and damage
    • Lubricate and clean

What’s included in each preventative maintenance inspection?Dock door bug screens up - dock door protection in Dallas TX

  • Routine scheduling customized to your needs by certified, trained technicians
  • Comprehensive evaluation of dock equipment and industrial doors
  • Detailed checklist after every visit showing summary of equipment
  • Equipment numbered and logged by type, brand, size, and model
  • Complete preventative maintenance report that complies with OSHA
  • Preventative maintenance and onsite cleaning
  • Recommended repairs/replacements are quoted for your review and approval

Are there other benefits to having a PMP?

  • Complimentary follow-up to ensure your needs have been met
  • ‘On Call’ priority service for emergencies
  • Preferred pricing on parts, labor, and equipment
  • Training for safe operation of equipment
  • Detailed records of inspections, evaluations and solutions

There are a few other benefits when you partner with W.W. Cannon.  You gain a lifelong service, installation and equipment partner who strives to be the BEST at providing excellent service to all of our customers.

How often will a certified tech be scheduled to come out?

Depending upon the amount of use and abuse your equipment takes, scheduled maintenance could be on a monthly basis or once per year.  Plans will be customized to your specific operational needs by one of our certified technicians.

Contact us today!To determine the best Preventative Maintenance Plan for your dock equipment, industrial doors and curtain walls, contact us or call for consultation. 800-442-3061

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