Repair & Maintenance Service Plans for Dock Equipment in Mount Vernon TX

Dock preventative maintenance and repair service plans in Dallas TX

Damaged dock equipment can cause major delays. But what if you were able to know about the state of your equipment up front and were able to take preventative measures?

USPS.2 - MOUNT VERNONCurrent Equipment Assessment

USPS mail delivery needs to be on time! Our friend at USPS was concerned about his dock equipment performing correctly.  He asked us to come out and provide an equipment inspection in hopes of preventing serious downtime.  Our experienced techs came out to their site and conducted a thorough assessment on the state of their current equipment.

Our techs noted several important operational and safety issues with their dock leveler:

  • Dock lift plate was bent and was hindering loading/unloading
  • Lift bar was out of place and not functioning properly
  • Steel plate cracking due to years of wear
  • In need of general maintenance and lubing of all moving parts
  • In need of debris removal from pit

USPS - MOUNT VERNONDetailed Repair Service Plan

With detailed report in hand, we were able to provide them with a repair plan that would fix all current issues and extend the life of their equipment.

Dock levelers are one of our techs specialties.  Our repair plan for their lift was pretty common:

  • Straighten out the dock lift plate to provide smooth transportation of shipped products
  • Knock lift bar back into place
  • Welded stop on end of rod to prevent it from sliding out
  • Welded up cracks for safe loading/unloading
  • Lubing of all moving parts
  • Debris removal from pit

USPS.1 - MOUNT VERNONRoutine Service Saves Time & Money

Having a routine repair and maintenance service plan for your dock equipment makes sense.  USPS was very pleased with the results from our repair service crew.  The repair saved them thousands of dollars in money and time.

Schedule a visit with us today. One of our service specialists will come to your site and inspect your current equipment. You’ll be provided with a professional evaluation including a suggested maintenance or repair plan.  * For customers within a 50 mile radius of zip code 75220 *

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We also provide industrial door repair and maintenance service plans!


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