Secure Valuable Inventory with Wire Mesh Partitions in Irving TX

Beginning the Wire Partitioning Job

Our customer, Gordon Hall at Johnson Controls contacted us for a solution to secure their valuable parts and equipment in their air conditioning distribution center. While determining the best solution, WireCrafters Style 840 Wire Mesh Partitions were chosen.

Installing Sliding Gate

Securing their property in their busy, productive warehouse was a priority for this large company serving 150 country, with over 170,000 employees. Armed with Wire Mesh Partitions and a Sliding Gate Door, W.W. Cannon’s installation team went to work! J.R. Mounger’s team were able to section off an end of the warehouse for maximum equipment protection.

Equipment Now Safe and Secure!




Installation time: Only 1/2 day!

Why Choose Wire Woven Mesh? Glad you asked! It is the most reliable, strongest, and sturdiest secured enclosures, used most frequently by government agencies. WireCrafters high quality, variety and unique weaving techniques are competitively priced keeping the end users’ needs in mind.

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