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Rack System Damage – Risk Level Evaluation & Identification

Does the stability of your rack system concern you? I wonder if that forklift hit compromised the overall stability of the bay? Did that beam bend from overloading the max capacity? Is that bent frame brace a safety issue? That … Continue reading

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3 Steps To Finding & Fixing Warehouse Hazards

Finding & Fixing Warehouse Hazards Day-to-day warehouse operations present an array of potential hazards for your warehouse workers.  According to OSHA, the top hazards that cause work-related injuries and fatalities are: Unsafe use of forklifts Improper stacking of products Failure … Continue reading

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Top 8 Safety Products to Protect Against Forklift Damage

June 13, 2017 is National Forklift Safety Day so we’d like to create awareness for some of our favorite collision prevention solutions. Forklift accidents are at the top of the list for potential hazards in most distribution centers and warehouses. … Continue reading

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Relieve Heat Stress and Fatigue: Prevent Heat Related Hazards

Heat related injuries can be prevented by using the unique High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan System. Increased, consistent air flow relieves heat stress and fatigue, as well as reduce the perceived temperature by 10˚ to 15˚F. The Eagle VI moves … Continue reading

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OSHA’s heat regs require Warehouse Cooling Solutions in Dallas TX

During the summer months, Texas temperatures can get up to a scorching 110 + degrees F.  Within a fast-paced warehouse, the high heat and strenuous physical activity drastically increases the risk of heat related illness. Heat Related Risk When our … Continue reading

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Rack Safety Is Key When Storing Aviation Parts

Have you ever been tossed into the deep end?  You learn to swim pretty quickly – or hopefully get saved pretty quickly.  However, that same theory doesn’t apply well to purchasing and managing warehouse equipment.  To create and maintain an … Continue reading

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Part I – Mezzanine Footings for 3-Story Pick Module Project

Pick modules are multi-level engineered storage systems custom designed to integrate various storage solutions within warehouses and distribution centers. This particular system is being designed for a new auto facility in California. This specific pick module system combines: 3 story … Continue reading

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Additional Pivot Pro Crane Expedites Production in DFW Energy Shipping Warehouse: Phase III

With business booming an additional Gorbel Pivot Pro Crane was purchased. Our customer needed to palletize their product more quickly in less time. Since the first Pivit Pro was so successful, another one was purchased to expedite their production. This … Continue reading

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Warehouse Safety Products: Part 11 – Work Platforms

Industrial work platforms, also called mezzanines, allow expansion of your area for more storage space.  A work platform mezzanine can double your existing warehouse space up to 80% less the cost of a permanent addition. With a great cost savings, you … Continue reading

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Warehouse Safety Products: Part 9 – Safety Nets

Warehouse Safety Nets – Preventing product push-through on your rack to provide an added layer of safety. Even the most experienced forklift drivers can make a mistake…  and I don’t even want to think about the inexperienced drivers!  We all … Continue reading

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