Ergonomic lifting solutions in Dallas TX

Vacuum Technology for Automating Lifting Processes

Ergonomic lifting solutions in Dallas TXFor high frequency or long duration lifting, moving heavy objects that have inadequate handholds or are not positioned in the ‘power zone’ increase the risk of contact stress, back injury, or dropping the load.

Ergonomic & Safe – Vacuum Tube Lifting Device

OSHA recommends using suction devices to lift materials with smooth flat surfaces to avoid potential injury to employees.

That’s why lifting aids are so important.  They keep employees safe and productivity up.  It automates the process of safely lifting and transporting products from pallet to storage and reverse.  With 100 lb. objects, it takes less than 10 seconds to transfer from a conveyor to pallet, eliminating the potential of droppage, crushed fingers, or back injuries.Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifter - Lifting solutions in Dallas TX

This specific ergonomic vacuum tube lifter is capable of lifting 145 lb. wooden crates and other objects with a flat, hard surface.  It has a ‘motorcycle twist-grip’ operator handle for variable speed control, 360-degree swivel for precise placement, and a safe auto-activated lock system.  The length of the operating handle can be varied to always ensure a safe distance from loads.

Easy to install and use, the vacuum lifting device is supported by a crane/hoist system.  The crane system can be ceiling supported, wall mounted, or a freestanding unit to integrate perfectly into your work environment.  The crane/hoist provides low-friction operation and enables high precision positioning.

Applications Benefiting from Ergonomic Lifting Aids

  • Order picking
  • Metal fabrication
  • Woodworking centers
  • Distribution center
  • Shipping
  • Baggage handling

On-Site Training Provided

To ensure the safety of your workers, W.W. Cannon provides on-site training within qualified areas.  This video shows material handling specialist, Doug Hutchins, demonstrating how to properly use the vacuum tube lifter as he conducts an on-site training session.

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