Warehouse Safety Products: Part 6 – Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barrier Creates Safe Walk WayIdentify safe walkways and keep your employees, customers and visitors safe

High-traffic work areas are safer with Pedestrian Barriers which aid in defining safe zones in your facility. (See below for specifications)

Pedestrian barriers offer:

  • Safe, cost effective solution for controlling dangerous, high-traffic areas
  • Guardrail Pedestrian BarriersIndicate safe walkways around hazardous areas such as manufacturing equipment and moving machinery.
  • Limit pedestrian traffic near storage areas and sensitive products or equipment.
  • Bright yellow handrail which immediately identify which areas are safe to walk – limiting injury or unwanted wandering.

Please note: Pedestrian rails are used for the sole purpose of pedestrian traffic control and should never be used as fall protection or as a crash barrier. Pedestrian rails are installed on ground level only and not to be used as a mezzanine rail.

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