Warehouse Safety Products: Part 8 – Self Closing Gates

Safety GateSeen one, seen them all?  Not when it comes to safety gates!

If you are thinking about the safety of your facility and that a safety gate just might be the solution, you have a number of possibilities to consider. From folding gates, warehouse gates, open gates, or self closing gate alarms, the variety of solutions are numerous based upon the application.

That’s what we’re here for.  To analyze the safety issue, provide you with consultation, find the best possible solution, and equip you with a safer work environment.


Safety Alert GatesSafety Alert Gates

While open gates on elevated mezzanine platforms can pose a serious safety risk to employees, the safety alert gate helps to avoid OSHA violations by increasing safety within your facility.

Safety alert gates indicate open gates on elevated structures such as a mezzanine platform.  Flashing LED lights and a highly audible alarm provide a strong visual/audio signal to personnel.


Locked Partition Lock Gates - PanelsLocked Partition Rack Gates

High value inventory needs to be protected from bumps and spills off of rack – big safety risk to personnel.  Narrow aisles of rack can make it a challenge to navigate. Unobstructed access is an important factor to safely move product.

Sliding partition rack gates safeguard your rack – inventory stays put.  Also an ideal solution for securing rack bays without limiting access.  The slide door system works perfectly in narrow aisles and stays out of your way.

Contact us today!Contact us today for consultation on a solution that works best for you. That’s what we’re here for; to help find you the right solution for your safety concerns.






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