2018 Warehouse Spring Cleaning Tips & Preventative Maintenance Plans in Dallas TX

Warehouse Spring Cleaning & Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plans

Spring is almost upon us and it’s everyone’s favorite time to get in some serious cleaning. Pleasant weather allows for windows and doors to be open, along with a renewed sense of energy to take care of piled up tasks inside and out.  We all know that a bit of spring cleaning restores optimism as your work site becomes more organized, safe, and ready for any auditing or inspections.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Warehouse

When it comes to tidying up your warehouse, here are a few simple tips to follow and stay organized throughout the year:

Plan – It’s important to plan a time where your operations won’t get disrupted. The goal is to get clean and organized – not interrupt productivity. If your shipping areas or work centers are busy from dawn to dusk, you may consider weekends or nights to get started with some deep cleaning.

Checklist – Before starting, create a checklist for all the small tasks that you want to complete along with a deadline to keep you focused. Also it’s a good time to consider scheduling equipment checkups with professionals in order to protect your investment.

Reorganize – Take your current warehouse storage design into consideration.  Could it use an update? How could you increase work productivity? Increase storage capacity? You may be able to rearrange a few shelving or pallet rack units to increase your space and storage capacity. Need some assistance with moving equipment and design planning?

Maintain – Clean as you go. Assign cleaning zones to your employees. Get them involved with daily work space tidiness in their respective work areas. This will ensure simple cleaning on a daily basis. Well positioned garbage receptacles and available cleaners will provide the support needed to maintain their area.

Safety Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Plans (PMP)

Before you get audited by OHSA, have a professional technician inspect your equipment to ensure the safety of your employees. A professional technician will conduct routine safety inspections then customize a maintenance plan to increase safety, reduce downtime, and sustain maximum operational flow of your industrial equipment – conveyor systems, industrial rack systems, dock doors, dock levelers, etc.Before and after pics of a cleaned out dock leveler pit - Preventative Maintenance Plans in Dallas TX

Safety Inspection – Conveyor systems, pallet rack, dock doors, and dock levelers take a beating. Our professional techs thoroughly inspect your dock equipment and industrial doors to bring small issues to your attention before they become big problems.

Cleaning – Deep cleaning of equipment and components are provided to prevent dirt and debris from clogging working/moving parts and causing wear.

Lubrication – Correct lubricants are applied to ensure smooth operation of equipment.  Downtime is reduced due to wear and corrosion.

Documentation – All service work and issues are documented to ensure a proper history of equipment needs.

Learn more about what our Dock & Door Preventative Maintenance Plans have to offer you.

A Preventative Maintenance Plan for your equipment is a crucial investment.  Early detection of operational malfunctions increases efficiency, safety and reliability of your operations.

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