What Are You Selling Today by Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX

WAYST No Space With Modular In-Plant Offices

WAYST-What Are You Selling Today – Seriously, waste no space or time with a modular in-plant office solution from Starrco.

Greg Brown, President of W.W. Cannon, is off to Houston TX to provide a custom solution for one of our manufacturing clients serving the energy industry.

Guard Rail and Starrco BldgTheir growing needs required a solution for office space to accomodate additional employees without permanent construction.  Within a busy company, rapid turnaround plus very little production interruption on their manufacturing floor was a top priority.  Starrco modular office buildings provided just the solution.  Easily relocated office structures with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly to evolving needs.  All building systems are easy to configure, relocate, assemble and wire.

Taking advantage of the facility’s ceiling height, the new modular office space will be located on a Cogan mezzanine steel storage platform within the manufacturing plant floor giving them additional space above and below.  Rows of steel shelving manufactured by Rousseau Metal will be part of the solution to provide for their growing storage needs.

Modular In-Plant Building Features:

  • wwc.Installation Team - Starrco InstallShipped to your facility, ready to be assembled.
  • Vinyl covered gypsum board walls give a professional, clean appearance.
  • Panels need no mud, sanding, painting (translated: less mess and limited work disruption).
  • Typical installation – 1 Day for a 12′ x 12′ (144 sqft) office – 3-4 Days for a 30′ x 12′ (288 sqft) three room office.
  • Aluminum extrusion framing does not rot or corrode, is strong and can be engineered to have a load bearing storage platform roof or can be 2-story system.
  • Electric “plug and play” system includes receptacles and lighting with pre-wired breakers.  System easy to unplug/plug back in when relocating structure.
  • Considered tangible property, there is a significant tax benefit.  Tangible property is depreciated over a 7 year period.

“Houston is a wonderful town that powers America. I don’t think there is anything more American than what you see in Houston and STARRCO’s Modular Office Buildings.” says W.W. Cannon President Greg Brown. “Remember to WAYST your time.”

Read more on how to WAYST time (What Are You Selling Today) by President Greg Brown.

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