Work Station Bridge Crane | Sold & Installed by w.w. Cannon in Dallas TX
Work Station Bridge Crane

Gorbel Bridge Crane Systems – Upgrading Manufacturing Facility
An oil production tools manufacturer contacted W.W. Cannon’s president, Greg Brown, when they determined a remodel of their facility was necessary. Updating their older, slower crane equipment was their first priority.

Work Station Bridge Crane System Replaces 5 Slower Cranes
It was time to upgrade their crane systems with a newer, more efficient technology.  We engineered a time-saving solution to remove their 5 slower cranes, and replace them with a 2-ton Gorbel Free Standing Work Station Bridge Crane System.  With the 2 hoists working in tandem to load and unload steel bar stock for machining projects, their productivity would double which would mean a substantial increase to their bottom line.

Work Station Bridge Crane
Work Station Bridge Crane
Work Station Bridge Crane
Work Station Bridge Crane

Sold & Installed By W.W. Cannon.
Frank Guevara, and the W.W. Cannon installation team went to work. The 2-ton free standing work station bridge crane was installed and tested for smooth operation and efficiency. Manufacturer continues to save money in energy and time with their new crane system setup.

W.W. Cannon specializes in analyzing facilities to find the best solutions with the latest technology and products to save time and money – that’s what we do!

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