Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor Accessories For Complete Conveyor Systems

Conveyor accessories are sometimes necessary for an efficient, complete conveyor system.

w.w. Cannon has all the accessories needed to amplify your conveyor system including Gravity Butt Spurs, Product Stops, Butt End Stops, Pneumatic Brake Assemblies, Traffic Cops, Supports, and more...


Gravity Roller Butt Spurs
Gravity galvanized roller butt spurs divert flow of goods at 30 ° or 45 °, right or left and 90 ° by simply adding a standard 45 ° curve to spur.

  • 1-3/8′′ Dia. X 18 Ga. Galvanized Wheel & Roller Butt Spurs
  • 1.9′′ Dia. X 16 Ga. Steel Roller Butt Spurs


Pneumatic Product Stops - Medium Duty Pneumatic Roller And Blade Stops
Pneumatic gravity conveyor stops are used where automatic line control is required such as slug accumulation, indexing, etc. 24 hour shipments are available on some widths.

Manual Product Stops - Medium Duty Manual And Blade Stops
Manual operated gravity conveyor stops are hand operated and used where line control is required such as slug accumulation, indexing, workstations, etc. 24 hour shipments are available on some widths.

Angle And Roller Product Stops
Both angle and roller stops serve as an economical means to stopping goods at a given fixed point. ′′BR′′ brackets or angle stop quickly attaches to conveyor frame top flange. 24 hour shipments are available on some widths.

Butt End Product Stops
Butt end stops attach to end of conveyor frame into the butt couplings, providing a firm end-of-unit fixed stop. This stop is available in light, medium and heavy duty construction.


Manual Gates
Manual gate assemblies are one of the most common conveyor accessories. Simple to install, manual gate assemblies offer passage to and from operator work cells as well as providing access for fork trucks, walkways, etc. Gates include hardware and conveyor section. Maximum weight of gate section must NOT exceed 75 lbs. If gate weight (i.e. conveyor section) exceeds 75 lbs., use spring loaded gate below.

Spring Loaded Gates
Spring loaded gate assemblies may be used to provide openings and walkways for operators, pedestrians or fork truck traffic or to simply make work areas in and around conveyors readily accessible. Tensioned springs offer increased lift capacity with minimal effort. Gates include hardware and conveyor section. If gate weight exceeds 150 lbs., consult factory.


Knee Brace And Adjustable Support Bracket
Knee braces add strength to permanent supports and stability in portable applications. C-3 adjustable support bracket allows support to be attached easily to conveyor.

Polytier Supports
Polytier supports provide installation for two tiers of conveyor. Additional cross pipes are available for multi-tier (three or more tier) installation. 24 hour shipments available in some widths.

Light Duty Tripod Supports
Tripod supports are the choice for fast set-up or temporary installations. Easily adjustable, tripods are designed for wheel conveyors and 138 gravity series roller conveyors. Tripods are simply placed underneath conveyor section crossbrace.

Single Leg Supports
Single leg supports provide support where full ′′H-type′′ permanent supports are not normally required such as 90 ° curves with continuous side rails or where support cross-brace cannot be used.

Model SL Light Duty Permanent Supports
Model SL light duty permanent supports are well suited specifically for wheel conveyors and 138 gravity series applications. 24 hour shipments available in some widths.

Model SM Medium Duty Permanent Supports
Model SM medium duty permanent supports give a little more support and are available in 24 hour shipments for some widths.

Model SH Heavy Duty Permanent Supports
Model SH heavy duty permanent supports will support up to 3000 lbs. support capacity. 24 hour shipment available in some models and widths.

Heavy Duty Structural Supports
Two models are available; Model SS for up to 6000 lbs. support capacity and Model SS3530 for up to 12,000 lbs. support capacity. 24 hour shipment available in some sizes.


Rollers For Gravity And Power Applications
Light, medium and heavy duty rollers are available for many different applications in steel, galvanized steel and aluminum materials.

Guard Rails
Several different models of guard rail are available depending on your application.

Pneumatic Brake Assembly
Model PBA pneumatic brake assembly is used to automatically brake rollers for flow control and also for indexing when combined with pneumatic stop. Models available for medium duty applications and heavy duty use.

Traffic Cop
Traffic cops control merges allowing first carton striking an arm to pass. This action automatically locks the other arm in place until the first carton clears the arm.

Ceiling Hangers
When conveyors must be suspended from ceiling in overhead installation, ceiling hanger assemblies provide a comfortable fit. Rods are all-threaded to allow for ease of vertical adjustment at ANY elevation. 24 hour shipments available in some dimentions.

A number of different types of casters are available for medium and heavy duty applications.

Conveyor Support

w.w. Cannon, Inc. specializes in conveyor systems integration. Bring us your project need, we deliver the design, layout, build and installation to give you a faster return on your investment in less time and within your budget.

Download our helpful Conveyor Technical Guide to view conveyor options, measurement assistance, and technical guides. Please contact us for assistance.

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