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Aluminum Dock Boards

Dock Boards are used for forklift and other vehicle traffic. Similar to plates but with additional structural components above the board and sometimes on the underside such as rail boards. There are different types of locking devices from fixed legs to drop pins or locking rings.

All aluminum, fully welded dock boards are a lightweight alternative to heavy duty steel dock board. It is designed for lightweight duty in low to medium volume dock loading applications. Constructed of aluminum tread plates with welded aluminum extruded curbs and legs. Customization options includes locks, lift chains, lip lengths and bend angles.

Aluminum Dock Plates

Dock Plates are NEVER for power equipment. They are ideal for handtruck and pallet jack traffic that is manually moved. Dock Plates are rectangles of steel or aluminum with some type of locking leg and hand hole or handles for moving. They offer the lightest and most cost effective answer to your loading and unloading jobs.

An aluminum dock plate is ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. These aluminum dock plates are manufactured and tested in compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2.

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Aluminum Dock Boards in Dallas TX Aluminum Dock Boards in Dallas TX Aluminum Dock Plates in Dallas TX Aluminum Dock Plates in Dallas TX

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