Flexible Conveyor

Flexible, Extendable Conveyor Systems

Flexible conveyor systems are the height of convenience for quick and changeable conveyor configurations. Widely used for truck loading and unloading, shipping areas, loading docks, and retail industries.

Portable, expandable conveyors allow you to create efficient, temporary conveyor lines in the configuration needed. Simply extend the conveyor, curve it, and change to meet your conveyance needs as they arise.

Contact w.w. Cannon with your conveyor or automation questions, we'd be happy to assist you with the specifics of your application to determine the best conveyor product for you.

Conveyor Support

w.w. Cannon, Inc. specializes in conveyor systems integration. Our experience and comprehensive design, development & installation services deliver the best return on your industrial conveyor investment.

Download our helpful Conveyor Technical Guide to view conveyor options, measurement assistance, and technical guides. Please contact us for assistance.

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