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Structural Steel Mezzanine System Experts : Safe & Code Compliant

Double your floor space at a fraction of the cost of building or buying with a structural steel mezzanine system. By building up instead of out, you take advantage of valuable unused vertical storage space. A smart and cost-effective way to add manufacturing, storage, distribution, or office space with minimal interruption to your working floor area.

Shelving-supported mezzanine systems double your area of storage space by using the vertical space above rows of shelving units - may also be designed with your pre-existing shelving units.

From mezzanine floor design and layout, to building and installation of your steel mezzanine system, our expert turn-key storage solutions service ensures your complete satisfaction.

Flexibility and benefits of your steel mezzanine system

  • Installed in new or existing facilities
  • Versatile storage planning - knocked down and relocated if you move
  • Does not require outward expansion of your facilities
  • Qualifies for accelerated 7-year capital equipment depreciation
  • Meets specified codes and OSHA safety requirements

VRC Mezzanine Lifts & Safety Accessories

Increase safety and efficiency for your mezzanine floor with our wide range of mezzanine lifting solutions and easily-integrated mezzanine system accessories.

Whatever you need for your steel mezzanine system, we have you covered. Contact W.W. Cannon today.

Structural Mezzanines & VRC Photos

Structural Mezzanines From w.w. Cannon

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