Shelving-Supported Mezzanine Platforms & Catwalks

Mezzanine Floors With A Shelving Foundation : Efficient & Tough!

Shelving-supported mezzanine platforms maximizes your storage possibilities by combining shelving as the supporting base with an upper-level steel floor in the form of deck-over flooring, a catwalk, or walkway. Shelving with or without bins can be incorporated on the second floor as well.

Shelving-supported mezzanine platform systems are subject to strict standards and recommendations in earthquake-prone regions. Our engineers take into consideration all your requirements from the start.. Our experts will determine the specific type of shelving system needed based upon criteria such as load requirements, building structure obstructions, columns, doors, ventilation ducts and sprinkler systems.

Deck-Over Shelving Platforms

Deck-over shelving mezzanine platforms use rows of shelving units as a solid base to support the top level deck. They offer more flexibility than a catwalk/walkway platform because it offers an entire second level for additional storage purpose. The open floor deck enables you to add shelving, work stations, storage cabinets, and the ability to reconfigure the layout based upon your growth needs. Contact us for more info about deck-over shelving applications.

Catwalk Platform Walkways

Catwalk platforms and walkways use steel shelving to support the unit. Shelving provides a solid base for a second floor or walkway between shelving rows. This specific application incorporates one type of shelving to be used. We'll determine the best-practice solution that will fit your needs perfectly. Contact us for more info about catwalk platforms and walkways.

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