VRC Electrical Controls

Electrical Control Options For Material Lifts

Increase your material handling efficiency with customized electrical material lift system controls:

  • Manually controlled
  • Controlled through your conveyor controls
  • Fully automated system controlling both the Material Lift (VRC) and portions of your conveyor system

Electrical Mezzanine Lift Controls Options

Options include PLC with digital display, easy-to-use push button controls, complete system diagnostics capability, and automated VRC service/maintenance reminders.

Electrical Control Option Features & Benefits

  • Continuous VRC monitoring
  • Senses overload conditions
  • Protects components
  • Signals operator to take action
  • Service/maintenance reminder
  • Records events/history
  • Extensive system diagnostics
  • Increases uptime
  • Extends life

Auto-Ranging Equipment Option - Prevents Jamming

Auto-ranging equipment option prevents jamming during lifting operations. An ideal option for both mechanical VRCs and hydraulic-operated VRCs. Existing mechanical and hydraulic VRCs can also be upgraded with this option adding a new level of safety and security on installed units, and peace-of-mind for operators and facility managers. This control option is available pre-wired, making it quick to install by our qualified technicians.

Control Option Features & Benefits

  • Continuous VRC monitoring
  • Senses overload conditions
  • Protects components
  • Increases uptime
  • Extends life
  • Retrofit Module available

Operator Station Option - Increases Safety

When operating a VRC, certain conditions must be met before the lift responds. With the Operator Station Option, authorized users can safely activate the lift using the key lock, quickly determine the status of the lift, and call or send material on its way.

Operator Station Features & Benefits

  • Provides lift security and safer operation
  • Key lock permits access only by authorized users
  • (8) LED lights clearly signals lift is Ready to Run
  • Available for new or retrofit applications

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