VRC : Hydraulic Mezzanine Material Lifts

Hydraulic VRC Material Lifts : Lifting Power, Competitive Price

Hydraulic material lifts provide extensive lifting power at a competitive price and are well-suited for single-level (ground plus one) material movement at moderate cycle rates. Based upon your application, straddle and cantilever material lift designs are available.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) also known as Material Lifts or Freight Lifts are a cost-effective, safe and easy means of transporting your materials from one elevation to another. Whether you're a distribution center with integrated mezzanines, a manufacturing facility with multiple levels, or an archive records storage facility with a balcony a VRC is the solution for your material lifting needs.

VRC Material Lift Benefits

  • Lift Capacities: 1,000 to 4,000 lbs.
  • Lifting Height: Up to 19 ft.
  • Lifting Speed: 20 fpm
  • UL-508A labeled control panel
  • Gate Closed indicator light on control panel
  • Momentary contact Up and Down push-button controls
  • All control wiring stepped down to 24 volts for safety
  • Control panel and hydraulic pump unit ship as a prewired assembly
  • Fabricated by AWS D1.1 Certified Welders
  • Constructed for bolt-together installation. Field welding not required
  • Industrial strength carriage platform handles heavy point loads
  • Roller bearings with easy-access grease fittings for all wheels and sleeves
  • Hydraulic pump motor sized for continuous duty
  • Dual hydraulic rams and lifting cables provide redundant safety system
  • Hydraulic rams pull, rather than push, for added strength and longer life
  • Hydraulic operating pressure maintained below 1,600 psi for extended component life
  • Oversized oil reservoir provided to reduce possibility of oil overheating
  • Automatic shut-off valves for broken hydraulic hoses
  • Manual lowering valve provided for emergency use
  • High-flex IWRC lifting cable provides extended service life
  • Broken cable free-fall safety cams rated for 7,000 lbs.

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