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Once you've decided on a concept for a new store or yard, it takes time and effort to make it a reality. At WW Cannon our people, products and turnkey services will give you the peace of mind you need to take your concept from Design, to Layout, Build and Installation.

We are committed to providing professional planning services for home center and hardware store interiors, power retailing formats, backroooms, multi-acreage lumber yards and warehouses.

Our experienced and talented team of installers will install your project cost-effectively, safely, and most of all, right the first time.

Cost effective fixtures emphasize your product and your individual branding. Profit enhancing merchandising reduces cost, aids in establishing reorder points, and reduces shrinkage. Put the design professionals at WW Cannon on your design team.

Our goal for your project is to maximize profits through effective, strategic planning that optimizes product mix and product turns.

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