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Power Conveyor Systems: Chain Drag, Chain Transfer, Belt Transfer, Turntable, Slat & More

2-Strand Chain Drag Conveyor - Model CD280V
Chain drag conveyors convey heavy duty unit loads and often are suited for products with unusual conveying characteristics such as pallets or specialty tote pans. Unit shown features OPTIONAL structural construction.

90° 3-Strand Chain Transfer - Model CT380
Chain -transfers convey heavy duty unit loads to 3000 lbs. at 90° intervals and often are suited for applications in tight quarters where room does not exist for large radius curves.

90° V-Belt Transfer - Model VBT
V-belt transfers are ideal for medium duty applications and are often used where product could be damaged by strands of chain on heavier duty chain transfers.

90° Skate Wheel Transfer - Model WT
Used for sortation transfer for right angle transfer of product when there is not room for a curve in your application. Features a heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing unit with cast iron housings.

Medium Duty Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable - Model CRT
Continuous rotation turntables are effectively used in tight quarters where large radius curves cannot be positioned. A variety of package sizes can be conveyed on this versatile unit.

Heavy Duty Indexing Powered Turntable - Model IPT
Indexing powered turntables convey heavy unit loads in numerous applications. A heavy duty chain driven live roller may be mounted on turntable platform and rotated to orient product at specified intervals allowing operator to perform a variety of tasks.

Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor - Model 608SL
Model 608SL slat conveyor conveys unstable, irregular shaped objects and those with problem bottom surfaces. It is commonly used in appliance and furniture handling and assembly line operations where product moves at a slow rate of speed through several operator work stations.

Vertical Conveyors - Models RVC & CVC
Specifically designed to be used for conveyor application to overcome elevation differences. C and Z Flow models available depending on the direction your load needs to be moved from one level to the next (in a "Z" pattern, or "C" pattern.) For Mezzanine VRC applications, please see Mezzanines & Mezzanine Lifts.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor - Model 700SBW
Wire mesh belt conveyors can be used in a variety of conditions to convey hot, cold or oily products in oven, cooling or other special conditions.

Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor - Model 700SBO
Open type wire mesh belt conveyors offer opening in bed to allow air or various sprays to pass through belt and conveyors to accommodate numerous spraying or drying applications.

Parts Conveyor With Feeder - Model PC-F
Available with nitrile belt or wire mesh belting, model PC-F includes a horizontal feeder section which may be stationed underneath machinery to accept parts, chips, slugs or scrap. This portable parts conveyor then transports such materials into hoppers, storage bins or other containers for storage, disposal or recycling.

Parts Conveyor - Model PC
Parts conveyors are widely used to convey chips, slugs or scrap materials to hoppers or other containers for disposal or recycling. Model PC is available with nitrile belt or wire mesh belting. Each PC is supplied with flapper gate at infeed end and right hand drive. Minimum parts size of 1/2" cube for nitrile belt, 1" cube for flat wire mesh belt.

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