Collision Awareness & Sensors

Keep your loading dock and high traffic areas safe.

The Light Communication System is a unique, low-cost way to improve communication between truck drivers and your dock personnel. The simple red and green lights -- instantly recognized as 'stop' and 'go' -- provide clear signals to dock workers inside and truck drivers outside. Your dock operations will function more safely and efficiently.

Featured collision awareness communication system:

  • Clearly visible 'stop' and 'go' lights
  • Two 12-volt automotive bulbs
  • Inside toggle switch manually changes lights between green and red
  • Middle switch position provides 'red-red' safety condition
  • One inside and two outside caution signs
  • UL Listed
  • Extended bulb life

Optional LED package:

  • Extended bulb life
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Cooler burning light system
  • Less AMP draw

We know that collision awareness is crucial to the operation of your facility. We have a large variety of collision awareness systems to suit any safety need that you have:

  • Create awareness at blind corners - Look Out 1 & 2
  • Create awareness at blind corners and intersections - Look Out 3 & 4
  • Create awareness of activity through blind doorways - Hall Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of activity through blind overhead - Overhead Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of movement inside trailers - Dock Watcher 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Create awareness at office doorways - Office Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of activity of order pickers around blind intersections - Order Picker
  • Warning sensor to create awareness of overhead obstables for fork truck drivers - Fit Packages

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Collision awareness light control box - Dallas TX Collision awareness signal system in Dallas TX Safer loading and unloading with a collision awareness communication system in Dallas TX

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