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Dock equipment works the hardest – and gets hit the hardest. Our dock and door experts will keep your doors open.

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Dock and Door Repair

Preventive maintenance plans are proven to reduce downtime and repair costs. Our expert technicians are trained and experienced to service most brands of dock doors, dock levelers, high speed doors, HVLS fans, and just about anything on or near your loading dock.

When your dock and door equipment is in need of repair, you need qualified, reliable service technicians to handle the job. You can expect the following from our in-house, expert teams of equipment technicians – every time. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality repair servicing along with the best customer care. We work hard to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Maintenance & Repair

Cleaning, lubricating, tuneups, adjustments, welding, tightening, identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical issues – all performed during our visit. If a repair is needed, we dive in and fix it right – the first time.

Parts On-Hand
We keep track of the parts that you typically need and bring them with us so you won’t have to wait.

Scheduled Inspections

We’ll have you on our calendar based upon your equipment needs. Moving gears, rollers, engines, bolts, cables, tracks, frames, hydraulics – all checked and lubricated.

Smart Documentation
We document the health of your dock doors and loading dock equipment as well as any issues. You’ll have a detailed history of all inspections and repairs for your own records.

24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Our 24-Hour, On-Call Emergency Priority Service team gets you back up and running quickly.

Fully Stocked & Ready To Roll
Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll no matter what time of day – or night. Call: 800-442-3061

Preferred Pricing

Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Repair Plan members receive preferred pricing, saving you money and time.

Cost Savings Offered
Parts and labor, new equipment, and equipment upgrades.

Design. Layout. Build. Install.

We’ve got your back.

Pallet Rack Repair

We take precaution to ensure the integrity of your rack systems are solid and safe – heading off critical issues that could shut you down.

Conveyor Repair

We’re able to spot potential issues – before it actually become an issue. Our trained technicians dive in and fix it right, eliminating the problem before it starts.

OSHA Safety Certified and Professional Warehouse Service Technicians

Qualified Technicians

Our service technicians are OSHA safety certified and receive continued education and hands-on training. Our service team ensures you’re always getting a fully trained and certified professional.


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