Sortation Conveyor

Sortation Conveyor Systems

Sortation conveyor systems are used to divert products from one conveyor line to another.

Sortation conveyor systems may consist of sliding shoe sorters, high speed sorters, right angle sorters, overhead pushers, skate wheel diverters, narrow belt sorters, pick zone modules, etc.

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Skewed Wheel Diverter
Diverters take a package and divert them from one line to another. Both the Skewed Wheel Diverter and the Roller Diverter can be used as a means of diverting from the Narrow Belt Sorter.

Narrow Belt Sorter
The Narrow Belt Sorter utilizes multiple belts to transport product to diverters that have been strategically located along the sorter. Both the Skewed Wheel Diverter and the Roller Diverter can be used as the means of diverting from the Narrow Belt Sorter. Up to 60 sorts per minute.

Pivoting Belt Sorter
The Pivoting Belt Diverter has a high rate package sortation. As many as 75 cartons may be accurately sorted per minute with belt speeds as high as 300 fpm.

High Speed Sorter
High Speed Sorters were designed in response to an increasing demand for high speed distribution equipment. 35 sorts per minute can be economically and accurately sorted with model HSS2.

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