ErectaStep Modular Work Platform Components

6 Components For Unlimited Work Platform Configurations

Modular work platform components consit of 3' x 3' platforms, platform supports, safety handrail, aluminum stairs and platform ladders plus a new dolly component for easy mobility.

w.w. Cannon will help you create a work platform configuration customized for your specific application. All modular components are easily repurposed and relocated as your application changes.

Universal Work Platforms

ErectaStep's universal 3' x 3' platform design is infinitely expandable through common bolt-hole patterns. These bolt holes allow stairs, handrails and other platforms to be attached to any side.

Each platform is stamped from a single piece of aluminum and features a slip resistant walk surface. The modular design accommodates requirements from a single 3' x 3' platform to unlimited platform area requirements.

Designs can be easily expanded with the aid of tower supports. Platforms do not need intermediate support until you exceed three.

Industrial Platform Handrails

ErectaStep safety handrails are a single standard size and bolt to any platform side through a matching bolt hold pattern.

Each handrail is constructed out of round pipe with an OD of just slightly less than 2".

Standard powder coat color is OSHA safety yellow to meet regulations.

Aluminum Safety Stairs

Industrial aluminum safety stair unit offers 26" walk surface with slip resistant treads in 9" vertical increments (only).

ANSI Safety yellow powder coat is standard.

Units ship broken down for lower shipping costs and are easy to assemble.

Available in eleven heights.

Tower Platform Supports

Platform tower support's bolt-hole configuration matches the bolt holes on the ErectaStep platform.

The tower platform attachments span the seam of two platforms or may be located on as many as 4 sides of a single platform system regardless of stair location.

Available in eleven heights.

Dolly Component

The new dolly component makes Erectastep the most configurable rolling platform on the market.

Dolly components can be fit to a wide range of ErectaStep configurations.

Double entry solutions with stairs on both ends, multiple inline platforms, even L shaped platforms are possible with the dolly component.

Platform Ladders

The new platform ladder components are available in eleven sizes, from one to eleven steps and bolt to the bottom of any ErectaStep platform with no supplemental parts or engineering.

Each ladder also functions as a support tower.

ANSI Safety yellow power coating on handrails meet OSHA safety requirements and provide a durable finish.

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