Happy Good Friday and Easter 2017

Have a safe and Happy Good Friday and Easter!


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Auto Parts Storage & Service Center Design Consultation

Auto Parts Storage Consultation in Dallas TXW.W. Cannon values our partnership with Rousseau Metal, the leading manufacturer of storage solutions.  We routinely invest in our automotive storage experts to have the latest training from Rousseau on auto parts storage consultation to offer complete solutions for your service departments and dealerships.

Auto Service Department & Dealership Storage Training

Recently two of our storage experts, Rode Chambers and Ken Harris, completed 20 hours of Rousseau GT Training to increase their auto storage concepts and planning knowledge base.  From the newest tech in product design to the latest in maximizing space and productivity, our storage experts are applying the most efficient and best practice techniques to serve you better.

Efficient Organization & Auto Storage Planning

Automotive Storage System in Dallas TXWe all know that automotive service centers require organization and efficient storage practices to save time and money.  With Rousseau Metal products, we design and reconfigure auto service centers for efficiency with:

  • Customized technician work centers that meet the needs of your team
  • High-density storage modular cabinets and shelving to maximize and free up valuable work space
  • Mobile toolboxes for optimum flexibility and tool storage

With flexible and customized auto service solutions teamed with innovative products and processes, you can count on us to provide you with best practice auto storage solutions that will grow with your business.

Contact us today!or call us today at 800.442.3061 for auto parts storage consultation and product information.



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MHEDA Awards W.W. Cannon, Inc. Most Valuable Partner

MHEDA - MVP 2017 AwardW.W. Cannon, Inc. material handling and storage solution distributor has been awarded the prestigious Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Status for 2017 in a program from the industry’s trade association, Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association.

W.W. Cannon, Inc. successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship to earn this award.

MVP status requires a company to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business including their customers, employees and suppliers. W.W. Cannon, Inc. satisfied criteria in the following important areas:

  • Industry Relations – W.W. Cannon works for the good of the industry by supporting and promoting the material handling industry, MHEDA programs and conferences. Leaders and employees take an active role in volunteering for community service projects and supports ministry needs financially and practically.
  • Customer Service & Safety Practices – We have a structured organizational safety manual program currently in use. We receive top customer service and sales awards from our manufacturers.
  • Business Networking – Greg Brown is actively involved in industry related MHEDA Networking Groups to provide innovative solutions for his customers. We are actively posting Case Studies, White Pages, and industry related articles on our Blog – “Bringing Order to Chaos.” We are creating new avenues of communication through our social media accounts: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Continuing Education & Training – We attend dynamic educational webinars offered by MHEDA, and other related leaders throughout the year.  Receiving the MHEDA Journal keeps us informed about new technology, and industry changes. Our company routinely attends MHEDA Conventions for the most up-to-date training tools and teaching in our industry.
  • Business Best Practices – W.W. Cannon, Inc. has participated in MHEDA’s DISC Survey and the employee compensation survey. W.W. Cannon, Inc. has had multiple articles published in the MHEDA Journal.

Greg Brown, president of W.W. Cannon states, “Receiving the MVP is very rewarding. The whole team had to work together to make this happen. Knowing that WW Cannon is worthy of such a quality award builds morale and shows customers and associates that we “mean business”. We are serious and dedicated to serving the customer and being a great place to work.

In today’s business environment it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from other companies that may have far less capability. Having a quality control or excellence program on your resume speaks volumes. MHEDA is a top rate organization and having recognition from them says “we are above average in our industry.” W.W. Cannon, Inc. Avetta, formerly PICS Audit Certified, and IsNetWorld approved.

Customers are looking for any way they can to reduce risk. Seeing that they are doing business with a supplier that has taken the time to be involved in the MVP program reassures them that they are not doing business with just an average or below average vendor.

Dallas, Texas based W.W. Cannon, Inc. is a material handling, and storage planning specialist since 1938 with a total of 18 employees and two additional branches in Houston and San Antonio.

HEDA is the only national trade association dedicated solely to improving the proficiency of the independent material handling distributor. Representing close to 650 companies in the material handling industry, MHEDA provides services to companies seeking to improve their business through education, networking, bench marking and best practices.

Contact us today! at 800.442.3061 for your integrated material handling and storage planning solutions.



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Loading Dock Bumpers – Entry Point Dock Safety!

Loading dock safety with dock bumpers in Dallas TXDid you know that the force of impact that a backing up semi truck can generate is about 300,000 pounds of force?  That’s why loading dock bumpers are one of the basic, most important safety components of the loading dock area.

Loading Dock – Entry Point Dock Safety

At the very beginning or end of every trucking journey, there is a loading dock in which they need to pull in to.  Having a point of entry that protects truck, trailer, product, and dock is essential.  Rubber dock bumpers have impact resilience and strength to withstand the awesome impact from daily truck stops.

But over time, the rubber wears and tears becoming a potential safety hazard.  Fortunately, they’re one of the most cost effective safety components to replace and install in your loading dock area!


When Should You Replace Your Dock Bumpers?  

The dock bumpers you see in the top picture belong to a busy customer of ours in the pollution control industry.  Perfect example of wear and tear over the busy life of a rubber bumper.  Once you see large rubber chunks dropping off, it’s definitely time to replace.

We know there are a few factors that affect dock bumper selection such as dock height, dock approach, truck bed heights, general truck/trailer volume, and what dock equipment is being used such as dock levelers or standard dock plates.

Dock Bumper Replacement = Safety

after-bumper-installSales account manager, Chris Bewley, knew the exact bumper they needed for efficient and safe un/loading.  Always ensuring proper and safe equipment installation, install tech Jody Rogers increased safety at their point of entry.  Bewley was also able to evaluate any other potential safety issues within the loading dock area.  This helps provide the crew with current operational equipment status and awareness of any potential hazards.  Having a consistent loading dock maintenance and repair plan is a great way to preserve the life of your equipment while keeping a consistent eye on safety.

Download a dock maintenance plan brochure – PDF.

Contact us today!

Or call us at 800.442.3061 to schedule a safety review of your dock area. We’ll provide a full assessment of your current set-up to equip you with a detailed recommendation plan.

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Fast Boltless Shelving Solves Auto Parts Storage Expansion

Auto Parts Storage Solutions in Dallas TXWe’re all busy trying to get done what we need to do, right?  What happens when we’re busy, running out of space, and have additional product to store?  It gets stored on the floor – and we all know how fast that can get messy if not handled soon.

Our friends at Ancira Volkswagen in Laredo TX needed extra storage space within their facility.  Their growing demands called for some strategic storage planning.  They already had a great start on facilitating space with their mezzanine system but needed a quick installation of some basic shelving units to expand their storage capabilities.RiveTier boltless style shelving in Dallas TX

Quickly expand your storage capabilities with Reliable RiveTier Boltless Shelving

There’s nothing quicker than RiveTier boltless style shelving.  With the rivet snap-in and lock connection, setting up several rows of shelving units was quick and painless – no bolts, no cross-ties, no mess.  No toolbox either, just a rubber mallet to tap the rivets into place.  With weight capacities of up to 2400 lbs/shelf, these units are sturdy and reliable.

Up to 40% More Space Utilizedafter-in-process-rivet-shelving

The new boltless shelving units allowed them to efficiently store 40% more automotive parts.  Our friends immediately experienced reduced damage to product, increased productivity, and picking efficiency.  Ergonomic issues were also addressed by adding the shelving units – no more stacking or lifting from the floor.  We even added a few more rows of RiveTier for their records storage.

Our friends at Ancira Volkswagen were extremely pleased with their increased storage capabilities.  We plan on helping them to keep on top of their future storage needs as they grow.

Contact us today!Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on expanding your storage capabilities.  We’ve got a solution for you.


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Two Companies Value Safety – W.W. Cannon Provides Safety Solutions in Garland, TX

Warehouse Collision Prevention Equipment - Dallas TX

Bollards and guardrail protect equipment and personnel from heavy traffic areas - Dallas TXSafety is a priority for our loyal customer and W.W. Cannon offered a safety solution for their productive manufacturing plant.

Plant manager, Eli needed his pallet rack relocated quickly into their brand new add-on facility. Our Warehouse Lifeguard, Doug Hutchins, went into action to provide the safety measures and equipment they required.

Guardrail protects personnel from heavy traffic areas - Dallas TXTo ensure the safest environment, Doug suggested adding guard rail, end of isle protectors and bollards to protect equipment, and ensure employees can move in and out of the isles safely.

Implementation and configuration of safety products included: 

  • protecting new pallet rack
  • the building walls
  • electrical panels
  • bathrooms

Column protectors keep columns safe from collision. Dallas TX Guardrail keeps your equipment safe from forklift damage. Dallas TX Guard rail was added outside the building to protect the building itself and the offices that large delivery trucks are being driven around the area.

Bollards were strategically placed: 

  • next to door ways
  • building columns
  • around battery charging area for their forklifts and encircled around the area for maximum safety

End of Aisle protectors were added to pallet rack to ensure the safest possible solution for product and avoid unnecessary fork lift damage.

Since getting the job completed safely was a #1 concern, our crew worked quickly at night. Productivity in the manufacturing and shipping areas ran smoothly without delays during the installation project. Our installation foreman, Frank Guevara, managed the project from beginning to completion with speed, safety and excellence.

Two companies that value safety come together and get the job done!

Contact us today!Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on solving your safety issues, material handling and storage planning projects.


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New Pallet Jacks & Used Pallet Rack Specials FOB Dallas TX

NEW – Industrial Pallet Jack Special @ $299


Limited time & quantities – Expires 02/28/2017

Pallet jacks are an important material moving component in the material handling industry.  They’re needed in every warehouse, distribution, manufacturing facility, and retail store back room.

  • Standard size manual pallet jack
  • 2 year warranty
  • 5500 lb capacity
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Polyurethane/steel wheels
  • Local parts and service

Need something different?
Just ask us!  1-800-442-3061

Used Unarco Pallet Rack Uprights 39" x 12' Dallas TX USED – Pallet Rack Uprights & Beams

Pallet racks are also a necessity to every storage space that supports the supply chain.  They’re essential for every large scale material handling operation.  Quality, inspected used rack can mean big cost savings to you.

Unarco Upright Frames @ $49 each

  • Dimensions:  39″ x 12′
  • Quantity:  89Used Unarco Pallet Rack Beams 108" x 4" face Dallas TX

Unarco Upright Beams @ $18 each

  • Dimensions:  108″ x 4″ face
  • Quantity:  211

We have a large inventory of used equipment in ‘like new’ condition.  For more deals on USED Pallet Rack, Conveyor, Guard Rail, Vertical Lifts and other material handling equipment, check out our Used Equipment page.

Check out our Used Equipment inventory - FOB Dallas TX

Contact us today!

Call us today at 800-442-3061 for our recent used inventory list or any questions on our products.

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Industrial Pallet Rack, Dock and Door Preventative Maintenance Plan, High Speed Doors and Pallet Jack Special

shelving-pallet-rack-guardrailAs a material handling and storage planning specialist we understand the unique needs in your warehouse environment. We are here to assist you from Design, Layout, Build and Install. W.W. Cannon, Inc. is equipped to provide you the highest level of value and excellence in marketing, sales, management, installation and service after the sale.

Read More about Industrial Pallet Rack System Solutions & Storage Racks, Dock and Door, and High Speed Doors

Dock and DoorContact us today!




Contact us at 800.442.3061 for additional information on your material handling and storage planning projects.




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Dock & Door Preventative Maintenance Service Plans for Dallas/Fort Worth

Dock & Door Preventative Maintenance Plans for the Dallas Fort Worth TX AreaWe all know the importance of keeping our cars or trucks properly maintained. There are many parts that move and rub against each other. As this occurs the force and friction can create problems with overheating, warping, or loosening of components and hardware.  You wouldn’t trust your family in a vehicle that wasn’t safe – the same should apply for warehouse equipment and workers.

Just like getting a tune up or your oil changed on your vehicle, preventative maintenance is equally as crucial for the safety and longevity of your industrial doors and dock equipment. Routine maintenance extends the life of your equipment and also helps to prevent the possibility of downtime and accidents. Without a maintenance plan, failure of your equipment is almost certain.

after-installing-bug-dooreEarly detection of operational malfunctions increases efficiency, safety and reliability.

The loading dock is the heart of your warehouse operations – either you’re receiving products or shipping them out – there’s a lot of movement and energy.  Without this process running smoothly, it can cost money and be detrimental to your client relationships. Your reputation is on the line.

Having a preventative maintenance program is not a guarantee against failure or damage to your equipment, rather it’s an asset to the overall efficiency of your operations.

Nergeco high speed dock doors. Climate and debris control helps protect productsOur goal is to service your equipment now so you can focus on the future of your business.

To keep your dock operations running efficiently, we offer a complete preventative maintenance plan with a competitive pricing structure. A consistent and routine maintenance plan for your industrial doors and dock equipment alleviates guessing and worrying on your part so your time can be spent on conducting business.

Additional benefits to you with a maintenance plan through us:

  • Preferred pricing on parts, labor, and equipment.
  • Training for safe operation of equipment.
  • Partnering with WW Cannon, Inc. provides you with an outlet for new parts and warehouse equipment. We’re a total warehouse solutions provider.
  • Warehouse equipment installations are our specialty.
  • Due to growing demand, we’ve added new technicians and vehicles to our maintenance team.
  • *For customers within a 50-mile radius of zip code 75220*

PM Program includes:

  • ‘On Call’ priority service for emergencies
  • Customized maintenance solutions
  • Visits customized to your schedule and needs
  • Trained, professional technicians
  • All recommended repairs/replacements are quoted for your review and approval
  • Detailed checklist after every visit showing summary of equipment
  • Equipment numbered and logged by type, brand, size, and model
  • Quote for suggested repairs and replacements if needed
  • Detailed record of inspections, evaluations and solutions

Types of maintenance/repair services we offer include:
(Including but not limited to)

Dock and Industrial Doors

  • Check rollers and hinges, drums, springs
  • Greasing and maintenance on all moving parts
  • Replace damaged, missing, or worn hardware
  • Align and balance door while checking internal gears and moving parts
  • Check electrical connections and operator rails if applicable
  • Install and repair all commercial opener and jack shafts
  • Replace frayed door cables, and open ‘hot’ lines to prevent fire hazard

Dock Levelers, Seals, and Under-leveler Seals

  • Pit clean out – remove all debris
  • Lubricate dock leveler
  • Adjust hold down box
  • Check and tighten electrical and/or hydraulic connections

Vehicle Restraints

  • Inspect all weld points for cracks or breaks
  • Adjust drive chain tension
  • Check drive motor and gearbox for wear and damage
  • Inspect hook and hook-shaft for wear and damage
  • Lubricate and clean

*Any other equipment on plan will be determined by technician
*Repair, parts, and installation additional

2016-look-for-our-trucks-around-town7Click here for Dock Door Preventative Maintenance Flyer

Schedule your Industrial Door PM Plan

Contact us today!



Call us today at 800-442-3061 for a free consultation on a Preventative Maintenance Plan for your Dock Equipment and Industrial Doors.

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Happy New Year 2017!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!
Our offices will be closed Monday, January 2, 2017.

Happy New Year 2017 from W.W. Cannon in Dallas TX


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